Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cari makan susah #3

As you all know, business is still as bad as before, still not stimulated by Najib’s package yet, I think if its still goes on like that, I’ll probably have to ‘makan roti’ next month, but waida minit…. Bread is high in CARB, so I guess I can’t eat that as well.

After thinking for some time, I’ve finally came up with an ingenious solution to my problems, I should avoid going out, and that means no YUMCHA, no going near K.L area which also means that I don’t have to spend so much time shopping…….(then what am I gonna do?)


Equation 1:Spend less = save money , Equation 2: boring = entertainment
Equation 3: Dowan eat bread

Thus by substituting equation 1,2,3 we get

(Spend less + entertainment) / dowan eat bread = (stay at home + play game)

(stay at home + play game)=buy some ps3 game

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