Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new Bay Beh!

Hah, so I’ve got a long range lens! Longer than yours.

I used to be a prosumer / compact camera kinda guy, but after testing out my friends Sony A300 SLR camera, I knew straight away that I have got to get one of these.

Since I’m so friggin new to this hobby, I bought a couple of self help magazines and books to help me learn, and find out why this hobby is so damn cow interesting about. I remembered my first book, it was “Photography for Dummies” which I read till half way thru, to notice that I don’t really need a big reference dummy book to really use this SLR camera.

I bought my cam together with a sigma 28-300mm long range zzzoom, so that I can zoom into anything without them noticing, and Let me tell u my personal experience….. Once I took a picture of somebody’s kedai kopi, which she is sitting with her friends across a street with “shop” wide open, i took the picture without her noticing it.

Yea ya.. I know I’m kinda sick sometimes, but who cares? Cmon la its 2009 now, SEX RAMBANG/HUBUNGAN SEJENIS, who cares? …..Hmmm, maybe my mum would, shhhh…..
Honestly, I usually shoot in AUTO mode or PROGRAM AE mod…. Paiseh to say la, but for somebody to buy a BIG camera, and use features which is normally found in small compact camera. I also found it pretty stupid to take pictures with a big cam, then resizing it to fit into my blog/Friendster/facebook profile all the time,

Probably I should buy another cheap compact cam, If I can cari makan, probably I’ll be able to get the new t90.

OK, so from today on, I’ll randomly post pics which I take with my new CAM under the title “random shots”

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