Friday, July 3, 2009

My first blog....

Wohoo...cant believe that i'm actually blogging for the very first time. Since i'm new her let me intro a little about myself. Firstly i'm my mum's SON..duh,and my name is eric cheah though i have no affiliation with perwaja steel, and i'm taller than most of you (6 ft).

The first thing that got me into blogging is after i saw the Star newspaper (section2) about the blogging. Well what attracts my attention is after seeing the pretty girl in that section (jamie chin) i scroll thru her blog a found some pretty interesting things, thus eckoric.blogspot was born. Before i forget.....i would like to thank my mama n papa for feeding me with all the nutrients that i need,my frens for their support,my neighbours for their free wifi connection whenevr i need them, and finally KAMCHIA LU,TELIMAKASEH, TANk U

well in this blog here u can expect to hear a little about my life, and ermmm...sometimes it might get a little dirty,so please..... no kids allowed here.

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