Monday, December 19, 2011

I've survived my childhood!!!

Hey, i'm back to blogging again, and its been quite some time since i last posted something about myself. I have now officially graduated and working my way up the career ladder.

This career ladder is not something new for me, as i've worked my butts off since i was a little kid. From carrying sacks of 25KG potatoes, to distributing leaflets and bathing with engine oil and etc, i take no pride in telling other people of my history as i really endured what other kids had not.

I do not have the privilege that other school kids had when i was a little boy (secondary school), i rarely visited the cybercafe when i was a kid, i rarely go out at night when i was a kid, and i rarely mixed around when i was a kid...etc. Back then, i had to "punch card" in my daddy's office after school, and at that time on, my life as a salesman begun.

I've learned how to approach people and how to make people "like" you....but mind it, only applied to chinamen's, can't seem to work it on girls?, I'm really no good when it comes to sweet talking, understanding or be sensitive to them!.

One after another, my salesmanship becomes better and better by day, from a blardy cowardy boy, i've now become so confident in talking to people that i'm able to sell as many commercial vehicles as my boss himself.

Every sale makes me stronger and my confidence level boosted to new levels that some people starts to hate me for being too confident.

Just when my college life starts, again...i thought that i would regain my life back, as my business is already stable and alls well. But I'm wrong.....

When i was in college, i find it difficult to clique with  some of my friend, it seems like identity crisis hit on me and suddenly i don't know how to approach or be "liked" by them, furthermore i really had difficulties in communicating withe them as i can't speak mandarin. I know its funny how a Chinese boy can't converse in proper Chinese, but back then they placed emphasis on mother tongue, and my mum just happen to speak Cantonese (thank god TVB was in Cantonese).

The identity crisis hit on me and i getting bored at school, so i did what i had to, i returned back to my office after every class. As the crisis continues, my friends list shrunk and my college life goes back to abnormal. While my friends are happily spending their college lives surrounded with girls,puppy loves and boozes, mine was all cars, trucks and diesels.

Years past just like that and soon my grades deteriorates as i lost interest in my studies, as blardy serious problem as i keep failing and failing my papers. As i kept repeating my subjects, my drive to soldier on with my studies slows down......but strangely my mum didn't even complaint? She only encourages me.

As years go by, i slowly pick up on my studies and finally till today only i've succeeded. It's only yesterday that both my parents attended my graduation with a wide grin plastered on both of their faces.

So what's my next move after graduation?, back to my business?...nuhhh....... enough!.

i would want to go my own way, i would like to work in a multinational company, i would like to endure office politics, i would like to meet powerful and influential people, i would like to have my life back......

While i was studying in U.K, i had my moment of my lifetime as i was in total control of myself. I had my students life when i was there, and i played as hard as i could. It was a brief one, but a wonderful one nonetheless

Monday, December 12, 2011

DJ Tiesto Club Life Tour Malaysia

One of my favourite DJ is in Malaysia, and I'm privileged enough to get a ticket to the concert.

To be honest, this was my first concert to a DJ event, so its natural that i have low expectations, but this is one concert which even someone with low expectation like me felt a little shortchanged.

It wasn't a satisfactory event for me, as he did not played any of his popular songs such as Element of life, traffic,  tears in open and etc.