Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cari makan susah #3

As you all know, business is still as bad as before, still not stimulated by Najib’s package yet, I think if its still goes on like that, I’ll probably have to ‘makan roti’ next month, but waida minit…. Bread is high in CARB, so I guess I can’t eat that as well.

After thinking for some time, I’ve finally came up with an ingenious solution to my problems, I should avoid going out, and that means no YUMCHA, no going near K.L area which also means that I don’t have to spend so much time shopping…….(then what am I gonna do?)


Equation 1:Spend less = save money , Equation 2: boring = entertainment
Equation 3: Dowan eat bread

Thus by substituting equation 1,2,3 we get

(Spend less + entertainment) / dowan eat bread = (stay at home + play game)

(stay at home + play game)=buy some ps3 game

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review of the Tag Heuer F1 chronograph

I’m sure most of you that read this will probably know that it’s a tag heuer F1 watch at first glance. This watch is very popular due to its sporty looks, and its low price tag Plus,… Lewis Hamilton wears this model too, although in orange color.

I can’t really remember the price of this watch, but I think it is around rm 2,400.00. a bargain, considering that you’re buying a TAG watch with the chronograph function.

Design wise, there’s nothing to fault with the design though, the combination of black, matt steel and bright red really makes it a good combination. There’s also no shortage of TAGheuer badges all over the watch (there’s one in every angle). The finishing of this watch is very good for its price, there are no sharp edges or flimsy parts on it, and it also feels quite weighty for a quartz movement watch.

Movement wise is very accurate as long as you keep the battery in check. Not much to say about battery powered TAG’s though, as they are accurate, reliable, and requiring battery replacement every 2-3 years.

This watch is very comfortable around the wrist. Although I’ve seen this bracelet design in older TAG’s back in the 90’s, they offers supreme comfort while being very lightweight. The dial of the watch features 3 separate dials and a date window.

There’s nothing to fault on the clarity and easiness of reading time, but the chronograph function is a little difficult to use. For most of my watches, I never need to refer to the manuals to operate the functions, but not with this Tag heuer f1. The rotating bezel is also very clearly marked, but it feels plasticky, not giving the right clicks and feel when rotated, and I really do prefer the high tech titanium bezel of the previous TAG f1 model which feels very solid and scratch proof.

The hand of the watch is covered with superluminova, it is bright, and its glow is quite lasting. The hands also points accurately at each tick markers, which means easy reading as a stopwatch.

This watch has got a screw in crown, which makes it watertight up to 200m which is pretty fancy considering the fact that most of its wearer will never ever going to bring it to that depth, and even during my previous snorkeling trips which I wore this watch along, I don’t think that I’ll even reach 20m.

This watch is highly recommended if you are buying Tag heuer’s for the first time, it looks pretty, competitively priced, and this watch can be easily recognized as a TAG due to aggressive promo done by the company.

As for conclusion, I recommend it to those who is looking for a cheap and cool sports watch, its got not much faults and weakness. Oh yea and don’t throw the guide book away, it will be usefull.

SMILE…you’re on camera!

Ok, I’m lucky that my office is next to a school (SMJKC Chong Hwa off Jalan Gombak). Every day, in fact twice a day, students will pass thru my front gate, boy or girl, kids or kids’s sisters and etc.

There’s always drama to be seen here every day, I’ve seen kiddie loves, Gang-STA kids, Smoke-kids in your eyes, Dumb and dumberer kids and many more dramas.

But what I really love is the sight of pretty school kids, doing their rendition of ‘JANICE DICKINSON’ thing in front of the gate.

Since every modeling agency needs a good camera man, I decided that I can be a part time camera man too, so I bring along my “Bay Beh attached with my new SIGMA 28-300mm”.

My first day on the job:-

-Hmm…What do you think she’s sucking?

-another cutie

-another frequent visitor

Random Pics

super wide

Sunset shots in some small kampung.

Flowers from the garden

Flowers from the garden

Flowers from the garden

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new Bay Beh!

Hah, so I’ve got a long range lens! Longer than yours.

I used to be a prosumer / compact camera kinda guy, but after testing out my friends Sony A300 SLR camera, I knew straight away that I have got to get one of these.

Since I’m so friggin new to this hobby, I bought a couple of self help magazines and books to help me learn, and find out why this hobby is so damn cow interesting about. I remembered my first book, it was “Photography for Dummies” which I read till half way thru, to notice that I don’t really need a big reference dummy book to really use this SLR camera.

I bought my cam together with a sigma 28-300mm long range zzzoom, so that I can zoom into anything without them noticing, and Let me tell u my personal experience….. Once I took a picture of somebody’s kedai kopi, which she is sitting with her friends across a street with “shop” wide open, i took the picture without her noticing it.

Yea ya.. I know I’m kinda sick sometimes, but who cares? Cmon la its 2009 now, SEX RAMBANG/HUBUNGAN SEJENIS, who cares? …..Hmmm, maybe my mum would, shhhh…..
Honestly, I usually shoot in AUTO mode or PROGRAM AE mod…. Paiseh to say la, but for somebody to buy a BIG camera, and use features which is normally found in small compact camera. I also found it pretty stupid to take pictures with a big cam, then resizing it to fit into my blog/Friendster/facebook profile all the time,

Probably I should buy another cheap compact cam, If I can cari makan, probably I’ll be able to get the new t90.

OK, so from today on, I’ll randomly post pics which I take with my new CAM under the title “random shots”

Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Pics

KL's nite sky, fantastic dont you think?

Some hotel lobby, cant remember where thou... (Hmm.. doesnt look like saboon thou)

'Thean How' temple, went there to ask GOD for help in bussiness.

Review on the Nissan car carrier YU41

The Nissan YUH4 car carrier arrived at my stockyard today, and since I do not have any new topics to discuss, I decided to say something about this workhorse. And since I don’t know much on its technical specification, I could only provide general details on this truck.

First of all, is the performance. It’s got more torque than the BMW x5 3.0, but after a short drive on it thru highways and trunk roads, all that I can say about the performance is just adequate, the gear ratio is not too tall nor too short and It feels a little short on power compared to the ISUZU NPR71.

The cabin of this truck looks simple, and plastics used here feels hard and robust, door handles and switches don’t offer good tactility to them, but I think they will last for a very long time. The seats of this truck also feel quite comfortable, although it is very upright.

The ride in this feels comfy enough (I think it is the best among all the trucks I’ve tested), and the acc. Pedal and brakes are soft enough, that drivers in this will be able to drive this the whole day without stressing him too much.
I’m not a full time truck driver though, but I can easily operate the truck, without needing any help and I it is so easy to load a vehicle onto the carrier plus I didn’t sweat while doing it under the hot tropical/scorching sun.

If any of you have a chance to know the people who work in the towing business, you should spend some time to ask them about their work. Most of this people carry very exotic cars with their carriers, and one of my friends bought one of these just to ferry exotic cars for the Prince of Selangor.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Review of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust (men)

Ahhh… Rolexes, the symbol of success for some, it used to be worship material for some Chinaman towkays. But nowadays gold Rolex are not popular anymore, Chinamen’s have moved with the times and they start to evolve into ” taugeh Balak “, moving from Rolex to Girrard Perregaux (GP), Franck Muller and Patek’s.

This watch belongs to my dad, which he bought a couple of years ago, but since he took it out of the safe to have it serviced, I decided to do a quick review with it.
If I’m not mistaken, this watch retails at around RM24k at that time, and he bought the watch from another businessman who failed miserably in his business for RM1xk+.
This watch is quite light compared to the newer stainless steel bodied watches, and although it’s a men’s size watch, it measures a puny 38mm in diameter.

Some might not agree with me, but considering the age of the design, I think it’s still looks very nice and classy. What I really like about this watch is the ‘dial face’ of the thing, its got some of the “WHITEST” dial I have ever seen in any watch, and the diamond + gold combination in this watch makes it very shiny under bright light, and when day turn into night, it becomes useless, and since it’s got some white stuff coated on the hands of the watch I’ll assume that’s its luminova, but…. It doesn’t glow.

This watch is also very comfortable, and I think it’s would be the best that I have ever worn so far. The bracelet feels very light and free around my wrist, unlike other previous watch which if worn too tight will pinch your wrist, and if too loose will slide around the wrist.

If I’m not wrong the watch is power by an ETA movement (not sure about it though), is very accurate, and requires very minimal maintenance to keep it moving, and the winding rotor is quite silent when it is winding the watch. The no particular faults with the movement, except for the winding crown connected to it. The crown is quite small, and pulling it out to reset the time is a little difficult. The winding itself is quite smooth, producing good feedback and feel.

As a conclusion, I won’t buy this watch. The asking price of the watch is too steep, and its competitor is offering better design and functionality but costing less than this. In the end it all depends on the wearer.

Review on the BALL engineer hydrocarbon

Aha, one of my favourite watch…the engineer hydrocarbon. This watch is the one that makes me an addict to this brand, simply stunning and built like a tank.

This watch retails at rm 5,900.00, and for me, I consider it as a steal/bargain/greatest buy of the century. Rm5.9k buys you a watch that had been tried and tested in the snowy and freezy plains of the artic, and pressure tested in the subzero water of the Baltic sea.

This watch had several abilities up its sleeve, such as having lube oil that can withstand up to -20 degress celcius in temperature, anti magnetic, 25 years of consistant lume,lume on rotating bezel,a thick sapphire crystal glass, a patented crown lock, and 4 screws on the bracelet.

That’s quite a long list for medium entry watch, considering that omega’s and TAG’s doesn’t even come close in giving you that type of features at that price. One more thing that you should notice is that the amount of screws that is present in this watch. On the bracelet mount, there’s 4, on the crown there’s 1, on the bracelet….1 million. (bloody hell ,I’ve lost count of the screws).

Under every ball watch are engravings, in this case the ball engineer had a submarine engraved (not sure if it looks like a sub though). The crown lock system is pretty smooth to operate, but then after months of use, I notice that dirt and grease will get stuck between the crown and the body of the watch.

This watch is easily the most comfortable of all the watch I’ve worn, though it’s a little heavy, the design of the bottom of the watch is curved to follow the curvature of your wrist, thus the watch sits around your wrist all the time, rather than on it like any other watch.

Next comes the night reading capability of the watch….. like usual its got big tubes, biggest in its range of watches. Its bright nonetheless but it appears that the lume is not that sharp/concentrated. Frankly I think that BALL’s with smaller tubes such as the fireman ionosphere is sharper and brighter during the night. However it is still very bright.

As a conclusion, this watch is highly recommended for those who is looking for a tough/reliable/ and go anywhere kind of watch. It is very comfortable and you can bring it anywhere and in any condition, and the watch will not fail on you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cari makan susah le….#

Previously our prime minister had approved a “stimulus pakage of RM 60B” and I think the Guv had already spent a portion of it, but I wonder where the money goes?.

Haih, cari makan still susah, and I’m still dat friggin poor. Wonder if the finance minister is reading this?, Please… MR. minister (whoever you may be) I’m not stimulated by your package and I’m not your crony….can u please help?

-Push the banks to offer more loan packages for small businesses.

-Starting a business in this country requires too many license…. Fire dept, police dept, lesen niaga, lesen signboard…….. Cut it short, centralise the damn thing.

-Start a mega scale project, and offer it to creditable contractors via open tender system.

Look at that happy fler (picture before the economic turmoil)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cari makan susah le…. #1

Today I learned how to operate an aerial platform vehicle a.k.a Skylift. I was pretty lazy or even bother to learn how to use them, but My boss told me the munster will be arriving today, have to make space for it, hence forced to learn.

The crane was a AICHI sk200 mounted on a Mitsubishi canter fe335 truck, judging by the size of the thing , I thought that it will take more than brains to operate that thing, but ..i’m wrong, only pea brain and finger muscles are required to operate it, just move a couple of switches and levers, and voila……. The hand of god arises.

The munster had arrived in its chariot of death. and 2 machas proudly step out from it.
The Ingersoll rand sd100d 25 tonne compactor. I’m telling you this thing packs a big punch, its got abilities which is similar to HULK smash combine with crushing ability Ironman times 2.

When it starts moving, any area within 10 meter radius will be shaken by its immense built in vibrator, and its roller will flatten anything in its path. I’m telling you, the vibrator rocks harder than your 10000w PMPO sony home theater system, and definitely harder than you puny little FLABELOSS /osim vibrator time 3 probably.

“I might be big, but I’m thrift on fuel as well, look at my engine, it’s the size of a fruit blender”

Sadly the big fler has got a puny little engine… its like a huge elephant (gaja), having the balls of a shitzu dog. Probably this machine will be popular once diesel hits rm3.00 per liter.

Ball firemen ionosphere chronograph review

This big BALL is my first foray into the world of automatic chronographs. I decided to collect ball watches ever since I got my first ball engineer hydrocarbon which until today is still one of my favorite watch.

For me ball watches stands out from all other watches because of its night reading capability, and the quality of the watch, and not to forget is how other people can easily tell that it’s an original watch when the light goes dim.

This fireman ionosphere comes with a sizeable 42mm diameter which is a tad bigger than the normal fireman series(40mm), and boy did it look very different from the regular version. I bought it at around rm7,400.00 (cant remember the actual price), at the watch shoppe in MID valley. As usually, the watch comes with the green rubbery feel box which feels nice and luxurious.

The watch came originally with the black leather strap, and I bought and extra silicone rubber strap at rm150. While the leather strap fell the most comfortable, it is the silicone rubber which I choose, because it doesn’t absorb sweat like the leather strap.

The watch is powered by a valjoux 7750 movement, which means it is very fast spinning and noisy like all other chrono watches eg; Maurice lacroix pontos chrono, omega speedmaster,fortis spacematic and etc. It’s quite accurate though, and even though it doesn’t have the anti magnetic feature, I didn’t notice any inaccuracy after getting close to any electromagnetic devices unlike other watches which run inconsistently after exposed to such interference.

The buttons on the watch requires a hefty push to activate them, this means that each time I activate the chronograph, I’ll get some delay or sometimes fail to push at all…(BADddd button), I think this problem also occur in most valjoux movt watches. The winding crown also feels good to wind them producing good feedback, and it’s also got the screw in crown which means 100m water resistant, I don’t know about diving though, but I always wear it for my daily swim in the public pool.

It is very easy to tell time thru the watch, it’s clearly marked and numbers are big enough . The only gripe is that it’s a little difficult to read in the dark, because there’s too many glowing tubes in the dial, but it doesn’t bother me much coz I like mine bright, and the more tubes the better so that it’ll shine like a disco ball in the cinema.

Conclusion;- I absolutely love it, therefore I bought it

My GAY friend

I was very free yesterday, so I decided to catch up with some of my friends thru the MSN, since its quite late, the only available person who layan me is my old friend Mr Rodney Pak.
Rodney used to be my classmate, and we’re quite close too, and I remembered that we used to walk back from school together.
Yesterday when we were chatting thru MSN, the fella tried to seduce me……. (wtf). Read on-

So please, if YOU’re girl and you happen to read this, PLEASE…PLEASE help my best friend, show him there’s still meaning in life, show him what is love, and guide him to te light.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A trip down south

Ahh... sing char poh (Singapore)

I've been there last week, and like everyone else,I love that country, its so clean that whenever i go out for a walk, i could come back to my apartment and lick the bottom of my shoes without getting diarrhoe (maybe melebeh-lebeh abit) but really,really it is that clean compared to bolehland u know?

The timing couldnt be anymore perfect coz the GSS (great singapore sale) just started on the day i arrived. Whow i'm feeling excited

I walk damn cow a lot in that country, going from one building to another just to see what they have to offer. ( a bit weird right? coz guyz dont shop like that )
On that day my feminine side had overpowered me and forcing me to buy uncontrollably, hence that explains why i spend more on food rather than shopping

"My big fat body cant stand the stress of shopping,its been working overtime and consuming more nutrients that it needed"

I think i've combed thru the whole stretch of orchard road for bargains with my 'dee dee'. and we've entered my designer boutiques which offers up to 70% discount, and there's also quite a number of "closing down clearance", and "must go today" items.

So.. to conclude what i've done in sing char po. well its a super clean country, with a lot of good looking 'char bo' (girl in hokkien), and a perfect place to spend all your hard earned GGG's in a day.

I’ve got BALLS, how bout u?

The above pic is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Ball fireman

Ball firemen ionosphere chronograph

Aren’t they pretty?. They looks so normal during the day, but when day turns to night, they show their true colour,(waidaminit) sounds like Underworld or batman……, but don’t worry balls won’t hurt, they say the glowing tubes contains tritium which is supposed to be radioactive (that’s what they say) but I haven’t noticed anything strange about my body recently..nope no Bruce banner /incredible hulk, I didn’t grow an extra eye nor did I have extra balls down there, but time will tell if I have normal and healthy kids (ahem)…

1 thing I really enjoy about owning a ball is when I go to the cinema. Lemme tell u that this watch attracts attention, at one time I was stunned by a pretty girl,(got BF sumore), was looking at my crotch area that time my arms were folded on my lap near mid part, but when I asked her what she was looking at, she told me that my `Ball’ is very bright and looks very nice  (I blushed), after that I quickly straightened my arms.

Nowadays I wore my balls more frequently; they are combination of a dress watch and a tool watch, wear a ball to a dinner party and you might attract attention from most of the people as long as you keep the dinner party dim and poorly lit, But if it’s a rolex that you’re wearing and people might think that its fake.