Monday, March 15, 2010

The philips SHL9600

Just bought this phone a week ago from harvey norman which retails at around rm250. I was to buy a pair of GRADO SR80 phones when a change of plans took me to Harvey norman instead. This headphone caught my eye because its quite compact when folded,and also partially because of the constant poisoning by the salesmen.

Well i bought it, and took it home for a round of armin van buuren, ATB, above and beyond and DJ tiesto. After all those songs i found the phones to be sufficiently good for these songs. I personally felt that i was too boomy and bassy, which requires constant fiddling with the equalizer.

Pop tracks from beyonce, greenday. linkin park, and etc sounds nice. I swear i did not fiddle with the equalizer when playing these tracks.

For jazz, i have to turn on the SRS effect on to boost the clarity of the tones, but drums and bass sounds absolutely splendid here.

conclusion, at rm250 is a good buy, but always keep your equalizer on to boost trebles.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review of Hyundai Starex

Looks like the facelifted alphard

Rim design looks awkward

Independant front suspension gives a direct steering feedback

2.5 litre diesel. 11 people ar? no problem

Rigid axle with coil spring? Want to go offroad ar?

Very clear and easy to read.

Interior is fine. Controls are easy to reach, Build quality is good.

The is currently the biggest hyundai I’ve driven ever. With the ability to carry 11 people at a go, I’m sure it’ll be a hot seller in this country. Starting at around rm140k ++, I don’t think that its got much competitions.

The cabin feels well made, with lots of robust plastics around, and the cabin feels rather airy thanks to the powerful air conditioning unit.

Powering this big bread van will be a diesel powered 2.5 litre engine with common rail turbo unit with VGT. The power unit feels strong on pull, its feels brisk even with 7 people on board.

The ride is a little on the stiff side but at least the seats are comfortable and the noise level is low.

Over weeks of usage, I had no issues with the hyundai starex except for one, its huge size. This van is so huge that parking it becomes a difficult chore, and not to mention its huge turning radius as well.