Monday, July 13, 2009

Review on the Nissan car carrier YU41

The Nissan YUH4 car carrier arrived at my stockyard today, and since I do not have any new topics to discuss, I decided to say something about this workhorse. And since I don’t know much on its technical specification, I could only provide general details on this truck.

First of all, is the performance. It’s got more torque than the BMW x5 3.0, but after a short drive on it thru highways and trunk roads, all that I can say about the performance is just adequate, the gear ratio is not too tall nor too short and It feels a little short on power compared to the ISUZU NPR71.

The cabin of this truck looks simple, and plastics used here feels hard and robust, door handles and switches don’t offer good tactility to them, but I think they will last for a very long time. The seats of this truck also feel quite comfortable, although it is very upright.

The ride in this feels comfy enough (I think it is the best among all the trucks I’ve tested), and the acc. Pedal and brakes are soft enough, that drivers in this will be able to drive this the whole day without stressing him too much.
I’m not a full time truck driver though, but I can easily operate the truck, without needing any help and I it is so easy to load a vehicle onto the carrier plus I didn’t sweat while doing it under the hot tropical/scorching sun.

If any of you have a chance to know the people who work in the towing business, you should spend some time to ask them about their work. Most of this people carry very exotic cars with their carriers, and one of my friends bought one of these just to ferry exotic cars for the Prince of Selangor.

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