Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip to Leeds


It's been 3 weeks since i left my Malaysia, and after all these days, I've not felt homesick yet. Maybe its because i'm taking this as a vacation?.

The month long stay in U.K is pretty pleasant one. From clubs to trips, to dinner parties, you just name and chances are, i've been there.

So the little area called leeds,, how was it?. Well, nothing much that i could say other than shopping and shopping. There's lots of free museums and art centres, but boy oh boy are they boring. Its not to say that they have little substance in the museum, but its because i'm not interested to look at how walrus breed and how mushrooms grow. I'm a grown men ya know?.

This afternoon i had a chatting session with one of my long lost friend from nilai that i've never spoken to before. it started with a Hi, and then it carried on and on.

it felt weird talking to a complete stranger isn't it?. But don't know why, the conversation quickly turned from a cold Hi and into a warm one. This girl must be special, i think!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Experiences in Sheffield

My second day in sheffield was spent walking around the vaccinity of the university, and explore the scattered University complex buildings scattered along the city. Today's experience can be easily summarised into a word which is "NICE". For once I've get to walk along miles and miles of paved roads with perspirating and soaking my shirt with sweat, and for this reason alone, I've fallen in love with its weather.