Saturday, July 4, 2009

I’ve got BALLS, how bout u?

The above pic is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Ball fireman

Ball firemen ionosphere chronograph

Aren’t they pretty?. They looks so normal during the day, but when day turns to night, they show their true colour,(waidaminit) sounds like Underworld or batman……, but don’t worry balls won’t hurt, they say the glowing tubes contains tritium which is supposed to be radioactive (that’s what they say) but I haven’t noticed anything strange about my body recently..nope no Bruce banner /incredible hulk, I didn’t grow an extra eye nor did I have extra balls down there, but time will tell if I have normal and healthy kids (ahem)…

1 thing I really enjoy about owning a ball is when I go to the cinema. Lemme tell u that this watch attracts attention, at one time I was stunned by a pretty girl,(got BF sumore), was looking at my crotch area that time my arms were folded on my lap near mid part, but when I asked her what she was looking at, she told me that my `Ball’ is very bright and looks very nice  (I blushed), after that I quickly straightened my arms.

Nowadays I wore my balls more frequently; they are combination of a dress watch and a tool watch, wear a ball to a dinner party and you might attract attention from most of the people as long as you keep the dinner party dim and poorly lit, But if it’s a rolex that you’re wearing and people might think that its fake.

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