Thursday, January 21, 2010

my new HTC touch hd2

Big phone,small package

Incredibly slim as well

It felt comfortable in my hands.

This is the latest big arse PDAphone from HTC, and its called the touch HD2. Bought this baby at rm2.8k, and i think its currently the best phone in the market. Well before buying this i've considered the iphone 3gs, but when i got the know of the poor battery life of it, i quickly changed my mind.

This phone here has got a massive 4.3 inch screen, and its powered by a 1ghz processor. After 2 weeks of usage, i can say that its the best windows mobile phone i've used. The phone is stable (no lags,hangs,glitches), battery life is surprisingly good(2 days of moderate to heavy voice call usage).

Contrary to the reviews seen on the web about this phone being too massive to fit into a shirt pocket, i found that its surprisingly pocketable, although slightly wider than an iphone, this HTC is considerably slimmer and sexier than the iphone. And it fits perfectly into my tight jeans, and shows little bulge.

The only gripe about this phone is the difficulty i face when typing a message. As a regular keypad user of my nokia e63, i found that typing on the touch hd2 is really difficult and its something new to me, and because i cant feel the spaces between the keys, i tend to make a lot of mistakes when typing, and its even difficult for me to achieve 30 wpm.

to conclude on this phone after 2 weeks of usage, i can safely say that its probably the best phone one that i've used. I also found that i don't have to carry my laptop around that often anymore as most of the job can be done on my phone eg. sending/editing pdf files, showing photos/videos to my customers, full featured browser,geotag my picutres, entertainment, as a good camera and camcorder, and the best thing is that it can do all this simultaneously without showing any lagging.

The downside of this device is probably the keyboard which requires you to get used to, and also this HD2 runs quite hot when you really work it out.