Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another friend bites it.......

A love story

Princess waiting to be rescued by his charming king...seen here together with her guardian...Wow wish i had a guardian too.

The KING of the day arrives with his fellow subjects, and his mean machines...Seems like the KING is driving his STEED rather than being driven.

Heads up high, full of confidence, and balls all pumped up....the groom looks confident enough to snatch his women from the realm of thousand evil mermaids....

And not to forget are his entourage of jokerss

The impending evil that they are bound to face.....

But before they face the upcoming evilness, the KING and his subjects decided that they should have a power pack lunch first. Let's have vegetarian,this ought to give you guyz sufficient vitamins and minerals.

WTF!!!, The King suddenly remembered that he cant cook

Furious after eating his own PRODUCE, we decided to give him a litle surprise...

His subject had gone to the extend to kidnap the bride from the clutches of evil, Seen in the picture climbing over THE GREAT WALL. A little backdooring wont hurt eih..

Sucessfully kidnapped the bride, MISSION accomplished, and the king lives happily ever after.

Let's celebrate the making of a new happy family

Hot chicks/princesses that graced the the hall of the banquet....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I want one... first step into politics. Like every malaysian who's so curious to know where the billions and millions have gone, here's the answer..... > grab a copy of his book at your local bookstore today.

I'm not affraid to tell you how F**ked up i am with the GUV. Well, I'm not active in politics, I support any nor do i know who's the MP in my area, bottomline...I just dont give a damn. But one thing i do know is lots of people are suffering now, I worked 11 hours a day and all i get is chicken feed, btu the fellas on top dont listen to our problem.

Let me give you an example of how my business is affected:-

The recent NAP policy stated that AP price will increase by RM10k, This makes the already expensive vehicles prices excessively expensive, and not to mention Japanese trucks/Lorries also needs AP. So do you think many small logistics operators can afford the increase?...Anyway if the 50 Grand price tag on AP's goes to the GUV then its OK, BUT in IsN'T--> I think the bulk of it goes to some big arse DATUK.

2nd (Stopping the import of used auto parts).--> basically asking kedai potong/used parts/spare parts dealer to F**k off. I'm begging you Mr GUV...since you BAN the retread tyres, lots of tyre retreaders had close shop coz of your decision, now you want to ask the part dealer to close ar? If they close, then u suppose the truck operators to buy new parts?

3rd (Crime rate) --> There had been several theft, burglary case in this area, and I'M ONE OF THE VICTIMS too. Well..I must say that the police did a great job, but it's not enough--> actually I think the police is not the one to blame, if you ask me i'll want to blame the GUV. Lots of people are losing their JOB, starving, desperate.....who do you think should be blamed?

Monday, November 9, 2009


This photo was taken with my buddy's iphone during our regular weekend drinking session.

Yeasssss, that's a piece of disgusting dog shit there......nevertheless, look at the texture of that thing, this piece of dog product suggest that he's well fed and is healthy...damn i've never seen such a solid piece of shit.

Yessss...thank you Damien for making me beer-o-phobia, i'm affraid to go near carlsberg again

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lets Dig a hole baby.....

Today, a new piece of equipment a arrived..... Behold the Isuzu NKR earth auger,at least that's what i call it. Some even calls it a driller truck.

7 tonnes of moving steel, capable of drilling and lifting, I'm probably the only one importing this type of machinery in K.L

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Work work workout......

I was at the gym just now doing my regular twice a week workout. As always, i start with a 4 KM run on the treadmill which i target to achieve within 30 minutes, then followed by some workout with dumbbells and etc.

Today was especially tiring for me...maybe yesterday's midnight futsal had worn me down. Usually my energy levels are constantly at a high level, but today....speechless.

Maybe....hmmm maybe i have somethings up my mind?

Hmmm... probably that's the stuff that has been bothering me......Well, i'll have a good night sleep now, and think over it tonight, i'll tell you once i've found the answer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ball Firemen Review

This is a Ball Firemen automatic watch, the cheapest watch in the BALL range. The price of this watch is not that cheap if you compare it against ORIS Williams F1, or the TAG F1 watches, but after seeing being put on display with all the UV light shined on it…It glitters. Bright, simple, tough and affordable. I bought the watch without much going thru my mind.

The watch itself looks very simple and there’s not much bullshit to stop you from reading time, just simple dial, with a date indicator and lots of lumes sticks. The watch also felt heavy and tough, which is typical of all other BALL watches.
The bracelet feels heavy and tough, and it felt comfortable on my wrist for the whole day, but sometimes it pulls the hairs of my wrist, and this can be very annoying for people with bushy wrist.

I have nothing to say about the movement, nothing to complain about its accuracy, and it stops beating after I left it in the closet for 2 days. At the beack of the watch you can see some engraving which is a train, and some wordings such as 100m water resistant, shock proof, 3h lighting, and etc

The lume of the watch is very bright, and its very easy to tell time when its completely dark, the lume markers are well spaced, and its bright. But comparing the Engineer hydrocarbon, firemen ionosphere, moonphase, and firemen….. I still feels that the firemen will be the winner, it looks brighter than the 3 other BALLS which I own~weird.


Not much to say about this watch though. It’s cheap, looks OK, feels…. Erm…. QUITE comfortable….. I think thats about it.

The downside of this watch will probably be the bracelet which pulls the hairs out of your wrist, and probably be the design which I feel will age easily. I’ve worn this watch for a year now, and its already starting to look like a vintage rolex.

The Graham Swordfish

Graham Swordfish BIG 12-6, this has been one of my favourite watches of all time, BIG,BRASH,ARROGANT and FLASHY. Probably the biggest watch i've ever laid my hands on for the time being,although at only 46mm in diameter.

This watch here belongs to my friend, who want to put it on sale for around RM 18k...Wow wish i had the money though.

New month, new style

Just went to E3 saloon to get my hair a rework, under the careful hand of Ms Zac NG, yea, it’s a SHE, and this 'she' does look MANLY though..., but for one thing is that her hands are like Chef Oliver’s, slowly yet gently massaging my huge coconut shell.

Since I felt so good while being massaged, I signed up for its scalp treatment as well which cost me RM59.00, hairwash at RM8.00, haircut at rm16.00…so the total goes up to rm80+.

The end result…tahh dahh,

NOW my new messy look, messier than the uncut ones………what a great way to spend 80 bucks. Have to work harder the next day lo, or probably I’m just gonna eat bread for this whole week. `Cari makan susah’

Speaking of cari makan, Did anyone notice my tummy, it’s not jutting out anymore, probably due to the increased bread intake and countless meal skipping practices.

A day out with my classmates

Last Sunday we’ve organized a trip to the botanical garden in putrajaya, with a bunch of my classmates from AMT2 and some leng lui’s

This is actually the first outing I had with them, and on that day everybody was so excited that we decided to start our journey at 6 in the morning, which means that I had to wake up at 5am….(and you know how I hate to wake up early in the morning).

And you know what????. When we reached there, we got to know that the park opens at 9AM…WTF? Yea..thanks to you hientee for your early morning call.

So we wait and wait till it opens at 9….wohooo getting excited….

After the park opens, we rented bicycles from the garage for RM7/ 2hrs.

And after getting my bike, I decided to do some stunts, coz the bike I rented had front and rear suspension and runs on tubeless tyres…..yeah babay,……..-- i rode my bike on the kerbs, stairways and grass just to let my friends be jealous on how cushy my bike is.

Minutes later, I reached somewhere quite far away from the bike garage, and THEN….the wheel of the bike literally comes off….so much for the cushy suspension and stunts…damn have to push back to the garage lo, friggin far sumore.

To conclude on the cycling trip to putrajaya botanical garden, all I can say is that I actually walk further than I cycle.