Saturday, July 4, 2009

A trip down south

Ahh... sing char poh (Singapore)

I've been there last week, and like everyone else,I love that country, its so clean that whenever i go out for a walk, i could come back to my apartment and lick the bottom of my shoes without getting diarrhoe (maybe melebeh-lebeh abit) but really,really it is that clean compared to bolehland u know?

The timing couldnt be anymore perfect coz the GSS (great singapore sale) just started on the day i arrived. Whow i'm feeling excited

I walk damn cow a lot in that country, going from one building to another just to see what they have to offer. ( a bit weird right? coz guyz dont shop like that )
On that day my feminine side had overpowered me and forcing me to buy uncontrollably, hence that explains why i spend more on food rather than shopping

"My big fat body cant stand the stress of shopping,its been working overtime and consuming more nutrients that it needed"

I think i've combed thru the whole stretch of orchard road for bargains with my 'dee dee'. and we've entered my designer boutiques which offers up to 70% discount, and there's also quite a number of "closing down clearance", and "must go today" items.

So.. to conclude what i've done in sing char po. well its a super clean country, with a lot of good looking 'char bo' (girl in hokkien), and a perfect place to spend all your hard earned GGG's in a day.

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