Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Trip to Broga Hill

6.20am on the first station point, picture taken with 3 second exposure
Oh Gosh, early in the morning and its this crowded already?
We were waiting for the sun to rise at 6.40am;You must be laughing!!!!
Hiking buddies, Yeah there's a girl in the picture, its to show that this track is not as difficult as it sounds.
Nice Carpet, but look closer and its all grass
The view around the valley at 7am
See the difference between the foreground and the background?
Its getting crowded
7.24am, that's how fast the sun rises. I quickly grab my camera just as i saw the sun rays rising from behind the hill, and then in a split second *kapoof* the sun is up there.
The sun is happily blasting us with UV's at around 7.30am.


Bukit Broga is just a 49KM drive away from my place in Ampang via the grand saga highway. This is my first time here, so i've prep myself up with a bag full of stuffs as i would normally do in long hikes. Started my journey at 5am and reached there at 5.40am which is still too dark to hike, so it is important to bring along your LED/XENON/halogen lights along for early morning hike.

It was raining heavily when we started our journey from my home, and when we reached it was still drizzling with rain and mist. Armed only with 2 xenon torches, 5 of us continued our walk into the unknown when it was still dark, wet and slippery.

The trails leading all the way up this hill is unchallenging, safe and i think that kids from age 12 onwards could possibly scale up this hill without difficulties, and on my way down i saw many seniors grannies too. Muddy trails and small sharp rocks are the only difficulties that one encounters during this hike, so it is vital to have a good pair of hiking shoes to protect your feet.


Coordinates :  N 02 56.345 , E 101 54.088

Equipments to pack :
 -A backpack, don't have to be big because it is a short hike.
-1 bottle of water
-A chocolate bar/snack bar/biscuits and etc.
-Vicks/Tea tree oil/ or any ointment that could soothe itchiness and mosquito bites

-Wear a long sleeve shirt because, contact between the tall grass and your skin will cause terrible itch
-Wear Tracks,Jeans,Long pants, again this is to prevent mosquito bites and grass contact on the skin.
-A big hat, when tracking on midday, be sure to bring this, as there is no trees and natural shades up here.
-During rainy season, the mud trails can become slippery, thus a good pair of hiking shoes is essential, but my Nike Court shuttle seems to work fine!!!