Thursday, July 16, 2009

SMILE…you’re on camera!

Ok, I’m lucky that my office is next to a school (SMJKC Chong Hwa off Jalan Gombak). Every day, in fact twice a day, students will pass thru my front gate, boy or girl, kids or kids’s sisters and etc.

There’s always drama to be seen here every day, I’ve seen kiddie loves, Gang-STA kids, Smoke-kids in your eyes, Dumb and dumberer kids and many more dramas.

But what I really love is the sight of pretty school kids, doing their rendition of ‘JANICE DICKINSON’ thing in front of the gate.

Since every modeling agency needs a good camera man, I decided that I can be a part time camera man too, so I bring along my “Bay Beh attached with my new SIGMA 28-300mm”.

My first day on the job:-

-Hmm…What do you think she’s sucking?

-another cutie

-another frequent visitor

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