Sunday, April 15, 2012

A welders story!

A snap from my workdesk

So i've joined into the ranks of other who's struggling to climb the corporate ladder!. Well, its been months since i joined this company called Air Liquide Welding (pronounced as air lick-it) which is a French based company.

This company distributes the Safro-oerlikon brand in the Asia pacific region., in short its a brand know for its high price of welding electrodes/consumables and machines.

My rank as a welding engineer, means that i've got to be very good in memorizing standards,procedures and the parameters involved in the process. Not entirely difficult if you had good photographic memory, which unfortunately is missing in me.

So i've welded a lot and alot of metals, but i still suck in welding. Welding seems to be more difficult than it seems on the youtube, i really do have to learn to steady my hand and my movement, as steady as a surgeon's hands.

So far i'm quite satisfied with my job, and it's sad to say that "i loved my job".....Yes!!!, i've said it, i loved my job not because its cool or etc, but its because its got such a bright future for me. Where else can you find a job that can pay you up to hundreds of thousand per month in salary?.

OK,my salary is microscopic, my workplace is 2 hours drive away, its hard to work under a frenchie!, but in the end, i dont fuckin care, because life is always tough!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My New Year

Firsly i would like to wish all my readers a happy chinese new year. Hope that you will acheive what is possibly the best for you this year.

This year's chinese new year is probably the most unhappening new year i had. I only had 2 days of holiday, and i was forced to work on the third day of CNY.

OK, so i ate loads and loads of home cooked food during the celebration, i put on weight, and i lost count of the amount of ang pows i received. This year, i was questioned countless times by my relatives and my friends whether i am married or if i had a girl friend? I`m feeling the pressure alright!.

i`ve always told myself that the best candidate is difficult to find here in Malaysia as they had been exported out of the country by thier parents. Why oh why??.

I'll try my best to find her though, but meanwhile i'll concentrate on what i love the most.....moooneyh moooneyh $$$$$$.I had a list of to do this year, they are:-

1) Drive a sports car
2) A nice maurice lacroix skeleton watch
3) and someone which i can talk to.

I've noticed that i've not posted much oh timepeices for some time now. I just wish i could get my hands on more of them, so i could review them.

Anyway keep tab on this site, i'll try hard to update more often.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai

Wishing everybody a Happy Chinese New Year, may the year of the dragon brings everyone good luck and good health.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seat Ibiza Ecomotive review

Had an opportunity to drive the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive while i was in the U.K. This particular version is the 3 cylinder, 1.2 litre turbodiesel, 5 door model.

Spec wise may not look that impressive, but that doesnt reflect on how it feels in the hands of the driver. The engine may only produce 74bhp and 180Nm of torque. Official acceleration figures shows that 0-100kmh is reached at 13.9 seconds.

At engine speeds below 2000rpm, the car feels lethargic and underpowered, but once it goes past that, the engine suddenly delivers punches way above what other 1.5 litre cars could do!!!. I'm now in love with small turbodiesel engines.

Official fuel figures suggest that it can hit 80Mpg's, and after driving from sheffield to london with half a tank of fuel left, i can confirm that they weren't lying.

Ride wise was comfortable, with much of the bumps being soaked by the suspension, while the torsion beam setup in the rear copes with mid corner bumps well.

The skinny tyres dont provide much grip, and the car rolls a little in the corners, but people don't buy this car to drive swiftly around corners aren't they?. The brakes are JUST adequate, and brake feel is OK, no complaints.

As for the interior, the front passengers gets loads of room, while the rear passenger suffers due to insufficient legroom and headroom. This car is better with 4 passengers.

I also had a pleasant experience driving this car, as the the steering is great to hold, thew controls are well laid out, steering has great feel and very direct, manual gearchanges feels great and the doors close solidly.

As a conclusion, this car would be a fine family car as it provides all the basic need of a small family. Great value, good looks,comfortable, huge boot.  Whats bad about it is the poor legroom for rear passengers.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Compilation of my favorite tracks for this month #4

Serge Devant feat. Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You

Dash Berlin - Man On The Run

Armin van buuren - big sky

Yamin ft Marcie - Forward Motion (Tydi remix)

DJ Tiesto - Century (Feat. Calvin Harris)

Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again