Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buy buy buy......

My money had long been stagnant in the bank for months since the day the market bounced back from the economic turmoil, and i've also stopped buying stocks since all the counters shot up in value.

I think it will be a good time to buy some stocks now, considering that most of the counters had lower prices now. I usually buy stocks when its prices are down and the trading volumes are low, and now I've set my sight on the KNM group.

Let the games begin.......

Monday, September 28, 2009

David is going home!!!

This guy standing next to me is Thein Myint Oo a.k.a David. He's been working with us for 5 years as a general worker/technician/mechanic. Today will be his last day with us, and he will be going back to his country Myanmar for 2-3 month long vacation.

David will be replaced by his cousin brother, which is also a foreigner, and this sparks up the question of whether WE, or other malaysians are foreigner dependent?. As far i know, my dad has gone to great lengths to hire, but then they all end up being fired. 

In short Malaysians, are a pampered bunch, as they are not interested to do dirty and difficult jobs, and even if they are, be prepared to pay thru the nose. 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buddies night out

I went to Quottro autumn yesterday, and as always it was amazingly packed, and it fells kinda nice too. I mean the place was happening, the chicks were fine and friends are great. I went there with 2 of my friends, damien and adrian.

I've taken a number of pictures with my nokia E63, but there's only 1 photo that can be seen properly. Most of the pictures were green and fuzzy, and from this moment on, i'm beginning to hate this phone, it lets you down  when you least expect it to.


My blog is growing !!!

My blog is now nearing 3 months old and thanks to nuffnang, the number of visitors to my blog had increased steadily.  

I would like to extend a big thank you to all my readers, and i'll work harder to deliver new content everyday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bernerd falls from the tree !

This is a normal household squirrel that can see everyday, and its also the ones that runs so fast and you'll never be able to catch with your bare hands

But yesterday, 1 baby squirrel fell down from the tree right in front of me, probably around 14meter fall, and it survived. Since my mum liked furry animals so much, she decided to adopt it and called it "BERNERD".

Its been 2 days since i kept and fed him, and i'm telling you, that these creatures grew so fast that its possible to see the difference.

We fed him blended papayas and melons, though i'm not sure what is their main diet. He also loves whipped cream, yoghurt, and ice cream, he just loves sweet food.

I've decided to keep it for another 2-3 weeks before releasing it back into the forest behind my house.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Revisiting my old friend

I have not touch my baby for quite sometime now, and i've been struggling hard to play 4 Richard clayderman songs consecutively, and every time after just 2 peices i have to rest my fingers coz they cramp, and hurts so much.... and that's just richard clayderman.

I remembered a year ago when maksim mrvica peices was not much a problem for me, but NOW...i dont think my fingers could move like it was before. Nevertheless i will try harder, nothing can stop me .

Buddies night out !

I went out for a movie with 2 of my friends yesterday night, since there's not a lot of movies to choose from, we've decided to go for the popular Hamster movie called G-force. I read a couple of reviews on this movie before i decided to make a reservation for the ticket, and the rating for this movie is actually from mid to the lower high levels, which is good enough for me.... since i have low expectations for disney cartoons.

The movie was so boring, the jokes were lame, and the furry hamster are not funny, and 30 minutes into the movie, i felt asleep.


Mooncake festival is around the corner.

My parents seems to like this festival so much, everytime when the season is nearing, they cant seems not to forget reminding me of how cute i am everytime i hold the jap lanterns.

20 years later, they still hold on to this tradition of hanging japanese lanterns on this festive period. Anyway i had told them that these lanterns are made in china, and beware of the fire hazard. Seems like it falls on deaf ears. They decorate the whole house with those hazardous materials.

My playlist for today

Todays is a relatively quiet day, so i decided to blast it all away by playing some of the 80's rock. Here's what my playlist looks like.

1)Deep purple-Highway star
2)Meatloaf-Bat out of hell
3)queen-Dont stop me now
4)The cardigans-my favourite game
5)Steppenwolf-born to be wild
6)Guns and roses-november rain

The above tracks are rockin so hard, that i can basically feel the aftermath of beats still thrumming thru my, eardrums.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MSN-ing with cantonese

Yesterday was the funniest MSN-ing session i had, the other fellow was MARTIN YOUNG from AMT2, a.k.a my collegemate. He basically cam from THE HUTAN of kuching,sabah and he speaks mandarin and english and doesn't know how to converse in cantonese... but he friggin loves TVB dramas.

ME... on the other hand cant understand nor write in mandarin. Thus we start our MSN-ing session with what's known as the broken-cantoglish.

I am so shy !

Her name is 孙仪珊 (at least that what i saw from my bro's school mag, but i cant verify if thats her name) , she waits for her bus right in front of my office gate everyday, and i cant stop noticing her EVERYDAY..... yea you got that right, every friggin schooling day. My first impression on her is that she's cute, innocent looking, and perhaps a touch of prettyness

Stay tuned ..................counting down to 28th to school reopens

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The review of the Ball Engineer Moonphase

I bought this watch from a friend which is having a financial problem, at a super cheap price of Rm3,600.00, which he bought from CORTINA watch a month ago at rm5k.

What really attracted me to this watch is that it looks classy, elegant, without being too flashy, and the dial with its wavy pattern looks exquisite

The watch itself is encased in shiny stainless steel, and a crystal sapphire glass which is slightly domed. The combination of the domed glass and the reflective chrome case makes the watch really shiny and glossy. Like other ball watches, this one is quite heavy too.

This ball moonphase comes with a leather strap, but I’ve changed it to a silicone strap, because the leather strap supplied is not water proof and it absorbs sweat, No good when I wear it to work, but it feels very comfortable on my wrist.

I noticed that this watch doesn’t scream about its ability. The hydrocarbon, and fireman have water resistant, shock resistant, anti magnetic, anti freeze written all over its watch case, but this Ball moonphase only has anti magnetic written at the back of the case. After numerous swimming pool trip, I can say that it’s at least 100m water resistant, and I don’t think snorkeling and shallow water diving is going to give it a hard time.

And the most interesting part will be the luminescent capability. This watch has got some problem with its lume. I’m not sure if it’s a defect or something, but I can’t help but to compare it with my ball hydrocarbon and fireman, and this moonphase pales in comparison with them. Its got the same T25 lume, but when it comes to night reading it is still not as bright as the cheapo fireman, and there’s also inconsistent brightness in the number 3 position.

As for conclusion, this watch is reliable, accurate, and comfortable without being arrogant which is suitable if you wear it every day. And the 2 problem I had with this watch is its small size and low brightness of the lume.

Tag heuer F1 chronograph...again

You must be wondering, if I am a tag fetish?. Well…for one thing is that I hate tag heuers, but I love Lewis Hamilton and F1.

Here is my fourth Tag heuer F1 chronograph watch, which is basically the same as the previous red coloured one that I put on review in this blog, but with different dial colour.

Long long holiday

First I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends a Selamat Hari Raya and maaf zahir dan batin.

As you all know there will be a long holiday this Raya, I’ve been given 5 days off…..which is quite a long holiday for me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip to Kuala Selangor

Family carrier took all five of us there safely and comfortably

Look at the fisherman, chubby and fair… looks like he spent more time on his comfy couch rather than on his sampan.

Yaya, praying to god again…. So what? Cari makan susah le, need some divine intervention

This is currently my 6th time here in kuala Selangor, Daddy like to come to this place to buy super duper fresh seafood. As for me, I just tag along hoping that we would find a place to have super nice seafood restaurant….. but after several times here, guess I wont be finding any.

In kuala Selangor, there’s a small village call pasir penambang, The village here is the most happening place to be if you’re in kuala Selangor.

After coming here for the 6th time, there’s still nothing really special that I would like to blog about, except that the seafood here is friggin cheap, and fresh.

One more thing I notice is that the fisherman here is fairer than the ones I see further up in sabak bernam. Hmmm. I sense something weird here, I guess they probably sell subsidized diesel for a living rather than their catch.

Review of the Tag Heuer F1

Everytime I look at the picture of this watch, it saddens me because some Rempit guy rob me of it, and hurt me in the process, but then I still have to carry on and do the review for this watch, and luckily I have taken a set of photos before the incident happen. (not sure if its lucky or sui thou)

Ok, let’s get back to the topic, first of all, the price of this watch is appx. Rm2200, but after some negotiating at the watch boutique, I managed to buy it at rm1970 with the stainless steel bracelet. My dad used to tell me that the Chinese have a saying that goes “Cheap things isn’t always good, Good things is always not cheap”, well I can tell you that this Chinese proverb does not apply to this watch. It is the cheapest TAG you can get in the market, and the quality shames its more expensive brothers.

First of all this watch measures at 40mm in diameter which looks a little smallish on my thick, over-nourished wrist. It feels pretty comfortable too, and the bracelet never feels too tight even though clinging securely on my wrist, and it doesn’t dislocate easily.

The watch feels very durable and well made, its got rubber inserts on its side, its got a titanium rotating bezel which feels very nice to rotate and delivers superior feedback and tactility when rotated. The winding crown and bezel is finished with black PVD coating which makes it is very scratch resistant and looks classy.

The dial of the watch is very readable in all conditions, and the generous area of luminova coating makes it possible to read even in the dark. No complaints here.

This watch uses a quartz movement (battery powered), though I’m not sure of the model code, and the frequency it produces, one thing that I am sure about is its accuracy which is very good.
This Tag has also followed me to my usual swimming pool trips, and at 200meters it will not break a sweat.

One thing that I do not like about this watch is the way it looks. It’s a TAG heuer watch that looks like a Swatch watch, too common

And as for conclusion.

-Cheap and high quality product. Other watch maker will never give you PVD and titanium at this price.

-comfortable to wear

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goodbye to the old family carrier

This good ol estima 3.0 used to be my family’s minibus cum bas persiaran slash bas sekolah, but one fine day the alpha male in the family decided that it is time for it to go.

I really miss this people carrier though, it is so useful on long haul journeys, gobbling few days of luggage’s without breaking a sweat, and yet still leaves enough room for you to stretch my sexy and long legs.

Well….like what my uncle Frankie sezzz…. If the old ones don’t go, the new wont come
Welll…. Taaaaadahhhhh….. MPVexecutive saloon

I don’t know why would he go for a 5 seater saloon, Its friggin cramped, I cant stretch my sexy legs, and there’s no captains chair. But there’s one thing I know for sure is that the alpha male loves his “MAR-SILLY- Benz)