Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cari makan susah le….#

Previously our prime minister had approved a “stimulus pakage of RM 60B” and I think the Guv had already spent a portion of it, but I wonder where the money goes?.

Haih, cari makan still susah, and I’m still dat friggin poor. Wonder if the finance minister is reading this?, Please… MR. minister (whoever you may be) I’m not stimulated by your package and I’m not your crony….can u please help?

-Push the banks to offer more loan packages for small businesses.

-Starting a business in this country requires too many license…. Fire dept, police dept, lesen niaga, lesen signboard…….. Cut it short, centralise the damn thing.

-Start a mega scale project, and offer it to creditable contractors via open tender system.

Look at that happy fler (picture before the economic turmoil)

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