Friday, July 10, 2009

Review of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust (men)

Ahhh… Rolexes, the symbol of success for some, it used to be worship material for some Chinaman towkays. But nowadays gold Rolex are not popular anymore, Chinamen’s have moved with the times and they start to evolve into ” taugeh Balak “, moving from Rolex to Girrard Perregaux (GP), Franck Muller and Patek’s.

This watch belongs to my dad, which he bought a couple of years ago, but since he took it out of the safe to have it serviced, I decided to do a quick review with it.
If I’m not mistaken, this watch retails at around RM24k at that time, and he bought the watch from another businessman who failed miserably in his business for RM1xk+.
This watch is quite light compared to the newer stainless steel bodied watches, and although it’s a men’s size watch, it measures a puny 38mm in diameter.

Some might not agree with me, but considering the age of the design, I think it’s still looks very nice and classy. What I really like about this watch is the ‘dial face’ of the thing, its got some of the “WHITEST” dial I have ever seen in any watch, and the diamond + gold combination in this watch makes it very shiny under bright light, and when day turn into night, it becomes useless, and since it’s got some white stuff coated on the hands of the watch I’ll assume that’s its luminova, but…. It doesn’t glow.

This watch is also very comfortable, and I think it’s would be the best that I have ever worn so far. The bracelet feels very light and free around my wrist, unlike other previous watch which if worn too tight will pinch your wrist, and if too loose will slide around the wrist.

If I’m not wrong the watch is power by an ETA movement (not sure about it though), is very accurate, and requires very minimal maintenance to keep it moving, and the winding rotor is quite silent when it is winding the watch. The no particular faults with the movement, except for the winding crown connected to it. The crown is quite small, and pulling it out to reset the time is a little difficult. The winding itself is quite smooth, producing good feedback and feel.

As a conclusion, I won’t buy this watch. The asking price of the watch is too steep, and its competitor is offering better design and functionality but costing less than this. In the end it all depends on the wearer.

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