Monday, July 6, 2009

Cari makan susah le…. #1

Today I learned how to operate an aerial platform vehicle a.k.a Skylift. I was pretty lazy or even bother to learn how to use them, but My boss told me the munster will be arriving today, have to make space for it, hence forced to learn.

The crane was a AICHI sk200 mounted on a Mitsubishi canter fe335 truck, judging by the size of the thing , I thought that it will take more than brains to operate that thing, but ..i’m wrong, only pea brain and finger muscles are required to operate it, just move a couple of switches and levers, and voila……. The hand of god arises.

The munster had arrived in its chariot of death. and 2 machas proudly step out from it.
The Ingersoll rand sd100d 25 tonne compactor. I’m telling you this thing packs a big punch, its got abilities which is similar to HULK smash combine with crushing ability Ironman times 2.

When it starts moving, any area within 10 meter radius will be shaken by its immense built in vibrator, and its roller will flatten anything in its path. I’m telling you, the vibrator rocks harder than your 10000w PMPO sony home theater system, and definitely harder than you puny little FLABELOSS /osim vibrator time 3 probably.

“I might be big, but I’m thrift on fuel as well, look at my engine, it’s the size of a fruit blender”

Sadly the big fler has got a puny little engine… its like a huge elephant (gaja), having the balls of a shitzu dog. Probably this machine will be popular once diesel hits rm3.00 per liter.

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