Monday, July 6, 2009

Ball firemen ionosphere chronograph review

This big BALL is my first foray into the world of automatic chronographs. I decided to collect ball watches ever since I got my first ball engineer hydrocarbon which until today is still one of my favorite watch.

For me ball watches stands out from all other watches because of its night reading capability, and the quality of the watch, and not to forget is how other people can easily tell that it’s an original watch when the light goes dim.

This fireman ionosphere comes with a sizeable 42mm diameter which is a tad bigger than the normal fireman series(40mm), and boy did it look very different from the regular version. I bought it at around rm7,400.00 (cant remember the actual price), at the watch shoppe in MID valley. As usually, the watch comes with the green rubbery feel box which feels nice and luxurious.

The watch came originally with the black leather strap, and I bought and extra silicone rubber strap at rm150. While the leather strap fell the most comfortable, it is the silicone rubber which I choose, because it doesn’t absorb sweat like the leather strap.

The watch is powered by a valjoux 7750 movement, which means it is very fast spinning and noisy like all other chrono watches eg; Maurice lacroix pontos chrono, omega speedmaster,fortis spacematic and etc. It’s quite accurate though, and even though it doesn’t have the anti magnetic feature, I didn’t notice any inaccuracy after getting close to any electromagnetic devices unlike other watches which run inconsistently after exposed to such interference.

The buttons on the watch requires a hefty push to activate them, this means that each time I activate the chronograph, I’ll get some delay or sometimes fail to push at all…(BADddd button), I think this problem also occur in most valjoux movt watches. The winding crown also feels good to wind them producing good feedback, and it’s also got the screw in crown which means 100m water resistant, I don’t know about diving though, but I always wear it for my daily swim in the public pool.

It is very easy to tell time thru the watch, it’s clearly marked and numbers are big enough . The only gripe is that it’s a little difficult to read in the dark, because there’s too many glowing tubes in the dial, but it doesn’t bother me much coz I like mine bright, and the more tubes the better so that it’ll shine like a disco ball in the cinema.

Conclusion;- I absolutely love it, therefore I bought it

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