Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playstation 3 review

Streaming movies from my Kingston pendrive.

I’ve been waiting all along for the pirated games for the ps3 that never came. I’ve been waiting for more than a year to buy this baybey and now finally I’ve bought it the PS3 80GB @ Rm1800.00

Shiny and very black is one word to describe it, and not to mention the mozzy its been attracting when I place the system under my TV cabinet. Overall the design is good, except the touch sensitive power button which is difficult to operate and the limited usb port (2 usb).

I bought 2 games which is Resistance 2 and armoured core (for answer), and both games suck. The armoured core for answer sucks the hardest. I’ve read thru various reviews thru the internet and most of them gave high ratings for both games. After trying out several games from the shop, I noticed that games on my dell xps1730 seems to look better than in the ps3 .I have Call of duty on ps3 and pc and playing it on my PC seems to be smoother and texture looks better compared to ps3.

Apart from games the ps3 is veliDeGood in being a media center, I can watch movies, listen to mp3, surf the internet thru my playstation, and when hooked up with my wireless keyboard and mouse, I have a 42inch PC in my room. I can even play movies (avi,divx,mp4 and etc), songs and pictures which is located in my USB thumb drive, and the quality of the pictures produced is simply superb, amazingly clear, sharp and vibrant, and even better than my dell xps1730 times 2.

Looks nice, a very good media center .
Games not up to expectation and only original games.

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