Friday, April 30, 2010

WTF???? Are you threatening us?

I nearly choked on my early morning coffee when i read this news while having my breakfast. This statement made by the IGP is really kiddishhh.Read On:-

Seriously, this is the second time the IGP Musa had annoyed me, his first case is when i he said that he did not know about PI Bala subramaniam leaving the country.

Now he says that he wants leave us to rot in the streets of K.L "IF I ASKED HIM TO". What kind of IGP are you man? Aren't you supposed to say something better?. A kid is dead, people are getting angry, please do your job, find the killer instead of threatening us.

GEEeezzzzzuz, don't they teach communication skills in the police academy anymore?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fortis spacematic chronograph

Fortis had stopped selling this model for some time, and if you could find one that's still in stock, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be unbelievably cheap.

This watch looks very basic and simple, quite light on the wrist and it feels comfortable on your wrist. The black and white dial is very easy to read at one glance and the orange coloured second hands are very striking.

I'm quite dissapointed by the quality of the lume in this watch, its not bright and lasting enough . I measure brightness of my watches in the cinema, i usually will read the time after 30 minutes into the movie.

I've sold this watch after a couple of months owning it because i don't quite like it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

U deserve it Mr Ong TK

U talk lots of cock during the MCA general election, but now who's the cock? vacate your seat pls.

I'm really pissed off with this guy here, and so is my other business associates. This transport minister had not done much to solve problems faced by us *The motor vehicle industry particularly*.

1) JPJ still as corrupted as ever (ppl still using dark tinted windows, superbright lamps,mod kau kau)

2) Lorries in malaysia are mostly overloaded but yet what has been done?
Trucks in japan have a GVW of 7000kg, but the same truck in malaysia is 5000kg. This makes most of us pay extra extra just to get the vehicle registered.

3) ALWAYS TUKAR SYSTEM U fellas always tukar format/system/undang-->I dah pening syiot.

4) JPJ makes its own laws For got sake, integrate you system with the government other departments la.

Anyway bye bye mr ong, and say hello to the new sugar daddy Mr ah lek

Cari makan is so friggin susah now, even politicians have 2 jobs now---> politician by day, pornstar by night, *salute* to mr ah lek, you've showed us how big your balls are. Must be pretty "MAN" thing to admit that you can rub shoulder with mr tiger huh?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mommy I'm a celebrity too!!!

Wohoo, my first big ticket to the world of celebs...

Ok..i admit it, perhaps i'm not really happy with the way my body looks and i look forward to have a shapelier-bulkier-sexier and better looking body than most of you.

To be frank, I almost always gave a second look to guyz with great perky round butts and toned legs, and Dont get me wrong coz I'm not A GHEY boy, but the shape makes me so damn jealous, and it makes me wanna have one too. And after seeing some of my friends from that fitness centre had great butts after few months> I've decided to join in.

My first visit to the centre blows my mind away, because the joining fees were friggin sky high, around 1k+ and with monthly fees of rm400+ per month. I simply said NO.

Just when i was about to walk out of the outlet, the salesmen quickly stood up and said "Wait brader, i give u cheap cheap, lets sit and talk". I turned around, and listened to what he sez. I was surprised that this time he offered me something which was much much lower than the initially offered price, and after a round of negotiating, We seal the deal at RM400 for joining fees, and rm130 for monthly fees.

Imagine how SH i'll be if i paid the full price. Luckily this time i'm smarter :-)

I had a dream

Its been too long since i last had a great sunday. I've not touched my PS3 for so very long ago, sorry Hon..daddy's gotta give you more attention now...Just don't leave me for another guy.

Daddy's gonna rubs those two lil nips when i have time this sunday > and before your mind wonder i'm refering to my dualshock controller <.

I gonna finish all those games that i've bought months/years ago.

The day i grew older

This year i've been celebrating quietly with some of my close friends, we had a simple dinner at TGIF and some wine to make us happy.

Simple ain't it? Well, i've always been telling myself to spend thriftily. *easier to be said than done* But i went thru this year's bday without a gift for myself. WTF.

Will work harder next year, and Daddy.... i want a BMW for my next bday^^

Anyway i'd like to say thanks to my buddies for the great company