Friday, July 10, 2009

Review on the BALL engineer hydrocarbon

Aha, one of my favourite watch…the engineer hydrocarbon. This watch is the one that makes me an addict to this brand, simply stunning and built like a tank.

This watch retails at rm 5,900.00, and for me, I consider it as a steal/bargain/greatest buy of the century. Rm5.9k buys you a watch that had been tried and tested in the snowy and freezy plains of the artic, and pressure tested in the subzero water of the Baltic sea.

This watch had several abilities up its sleeve, such as having lube oil that can withstand up to -20 degress celcius in temperature, anti magnetic, 25 years of consistant lume,lume on rotating bezel,a thick sapphire crystal glass, a patented crown lock, and 4 screws on the bracelet.

That’s quite a long list for medium entry watch, considering that omega’s and TAG’s doesn’t even come close in giving you that type of features at that price. One more thing that you should notice is that the amount of screws that is present in this watch. On the bracelet mount, there’s 4, on the crown there’s 1, on the bracelet….1 million. (bloody hell ,I’ve lost count of the screws).

Under every ball watch are engravings, in this case the ball engineer had a submarine engraved (not sure if it looks like a sub though). The crown lock system is pretty smooth to operate, but then after months of use, I notice that dirt and grease will get stuck between the crown and the body of the watch.

This watch is easily the most comfortable of all the watch I’ve worn, though it’s a little heavy, the design of the bottom of the watch is curved to follow the curvature of your wrist, thus the watch sits around your wrist all the time, rather than on it like any other watch.

Next comes the night reading capability of the watch….. like usual its got big tubes, biggest in its range of watches. Its bright nonetheless but it appears that the lume is not that sharp/concentrated. Frankly I think that BALL’s with smaller tubes such as the fireman ionosphere is sharper and brighter during the night. However it is still very bright.

As a conclusion, this watch is highly recommended for those who is looking for a tough/reliable/ and go anywhere kind of watch. It is very comfortable and you can bring it anywhere and in any condition, and the watch will not fail on you.

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