Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review on the Maurice Lacroix pontos chronographe

Isn't the steel bracelet ugly?

Lume shots

A fast spinning valjoux 7750 movt

This Maurice lacroix pontos chronographe was bought last year at around rm7k, quite a good buy considering the new version had already gone up to rm7.8k at one watch shop in the Gardens. The watch is a sizeable 42mm in diameter and its got a not so scratch resistant stainless steel body, but after 1 year of use I noticed that although it’s got scratches all over its body, I doesn’t have chips and dents on the watch sides unlike my ball fireman, this could be due to the harder stainless steel body of the Maurice lacroix.

The pusher buttons on the Maurice lacroix seems to be softer than most chronograph watches, I’ve compared it to the omega seamaster, fortis chronograph Hungarian airforce edt, ball fireman chrono and breitling navitimer and the Maurice lacroix seems to be more tactile and well damped and the winding crown is firm and nice to turn, but I think I won’t be winding it quite often, because the rotors spins very fast with each move of the wrist typical of the valjoux movement, sometimes it can get quite irritating especially during driving, where each turn of the steering will make the rotor of the watch spins very fast producing vibration and loud noise which can be clearly heard by my backseat passenger.

Accuracy wise, its brilliant, keeping time accurately. And after 2 months, I’ve noticed that its only +/- 5min out. For the chronograph function is also very accurate, I usually use this to time my lab experiments and I don’t see anybody complaining about the experiment results.

The dial is quite big and easy to read, and there’s luminova coating on the hour and minutes hand. The luminova glows brightly only for an hour or so, and after that dim again, in other word `useless ‘ for night reading, and can’t even see the time clearly in the cinema when the lights go off.

The watch comes with a stainless steel strap, but I bought another silicone/rubber strap which looks better. Although the original steel bracelet feels comfortable it looks like it’s from the 1950’s (F.ugly)

As for conclusion I must admit that I really love this watch, it is blardyfriggin good lookin, well packaged (good quality box), comfortable, accurate, The brand image and the resale value is good too. Money well spent for me.

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