Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Toyota Alphard 2.4 after 5000KMs

This which has travelled over 5000km still goes like its brand new. Buttery smooth, silent, comfy and solid. The van here is used mainly on K.L roads which is not very evenly paved.

The only problem that i've encounter during the ownership f this vehicle is that its steering rack produces a clunking sound on 3/4 lock, and when going over sharp ruts, the sound is amplified, and vibrations can be felt on the steering.

Other than the mentioned niggles, the car is built according to Toyota's high standards, and it felt that it could last for a very long time.

Ermm...which button again?

I'm sure that many of my friends and the reader here already knows that Malaysian imports a lot of Japanese cars. For one thing these Japs are a lot cheaper and secondly they are more reliable and easier to maintain compared to European marques.

Buying japanese cars means that modification is usually a must for the prospective buyer, and the modifications can range from audio player, coolant systems, heater systems and etc.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blu-Ray disc in Malaysia is damn expensive

The age of the DVD is going to be over soon, and Blu ray disc are getting more and more popular due to their HD capability. I myself who had been relying on my "SONY" PS3 to play DVD had experienced numerous frustrating moments due to the oversensitive characteristic of the player.

I've now decided to BAN DVD's, and now doing research to find my blu ray supplier.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day

1) Millions of stalks of roses had been harvested and presented to ones females just to please them and show that the male could afford a gift.

2) Chocolates had been selling like hotcakes. Poor guys buys this as an alternative to viagra because its been found that chocolates have shown to have an aphrodisiac effect and its much cheaper than the pill.

3) Condoms which had been sitting in the 7-11 shelves for a year is quickly snapped up within a day. Males tend to be horny on valentines, and they buy all sorts of fancy things for 1 purpose and ONE only to get in between your legs.Girls should also be wary because some guys go to the extend of purchasing  cheap or worse expired condoms.....

4) lingerie's should also fly off the shelf. Since this year valentines coincides with Nabi's Bday, expect a full moon tonight, and expect lots of extra horny males and females getting that X-tra URGE.

5) Guyz tends to want to drive MPV/ vans or large sedans on that night, and after having oyster and chocolate for dinner, be prepared to head up that secluded and quiet hill for some BANGIN in the car.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh Dear...a letter from GAbon???

Fuckin scammer wanna con all my hard earned money with the easy way!!!! (low budgeted presentation)

Today i received a registered letter from poslaju, upon receiving it i quickly noticed that the stamps are from Republic of G!#$%^& (Duuno where) which i knew straight away it was a scam.