Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review of the Tag Heuer F1 chronograph

I’m sure most of you that read this will probably know that it’s a tag heuer F1 watch at first glance. This watch is very popular due to its sporty looks, and its low price tag Plus,… Lewis Hamilton wears this model too, although in orange color.

I can’t really remember the price of this watch, but I think it is around rm 2,400.00. a bargain, considering that you’re buying a TAG watch with the chronograph function.

Design wise, there’s nothing to fault with the design though, the combination of black, matt steel and bright red really makes it a good combination. There’s also no shortage of TAGheuer badges all over the watch (there’s one in every angle). The finishing of this watch is very good for its price, there are no sharp edges or flimsy parts on it, and it also feels quite weighty for a quartz movement watch.

Movement wise is very accurate as long as you keep the battery in check. Not much to say about battery powered TAG’s though, as they are accurate, reliable, and requiring battery replacement every 2-3 years.

This watch is very comfortable around the wrist. Although I’ve seen this bracelet design in older TAG’s back in the 90’s, they offers supreme comfort while being very lightweight. The dial of the watch features 3 separate dials and a date window.

There’s nothing to fault on the clarity and easiness of reading time, but the chronograph function is a little difficult to use. For most of my watches, I never need to refer to the manuals to operate the functions, but not with this Tag heuer f1. The rotating bezel is also very clearly marked, but it feels plasticky, not giving the right clicks and feel when rotated, and I really do prefer the high tech titanium bezel of the previous TAG f1 model which feels very solid and scratch proof.

The hand of the watch is covered with superluminova, it is bright, and its glow is quite lasting. The hands also points accurately at each tick markers, which means easy reading as a stopwatch.

This watch has got a screw in crown, which makes it watertight up to 200m which is pretty fancy considering the fact that most of its wearer will never ever going to bring it to that depth, and even during my previous snorkeling trips which I wore this watch along, I don’t think that I’ll even reach 20m.

This watch is highly recommended if you are buying Tag heuer’s for the first time, it looks pretty, competitively priced, and this watch can be easily recognized as a TAG due to aggressive promo done by the company.

As for conclusion, I recommend it to those who is looking for a cheap and cool sports watch, its got not much faults and weakness. Oh yea and don’t throw the guide book away, it will be usefull.

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