Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I was blogging this while waiting in front of my lecturer's office waiting to meet him. Because i had already waited for an hour, and i think i'm gonna wait for at least 1 more before he shows up, it will be better if i could kill some time entertaining you flers here instead.

What i was hoping to shout out was the problem with waiting. You readers could probably had waited for so many thing to come, or perhaps won't come. But have you ever wondered on why do you have to wait for them and not vice versa instead?.

Many people waited for so many things, be it your bonus,your birthday,your love and etc, but why wait when you could have done something else instead?

Perhaps while waiting for that special something or someone, you could at least be doing something else to obtain another thing? Confused?. I'll give an example on LOVE. Instead of waiting for a girl or a guy to show up at your doorstep and be your lovely GF or BF, why don't we PLAY/FLIRT around before we come back and meet the person you're waiting for LATE?.

Being born and bred in Malaysia, i've seen many many examples of people being late for MY appointment. In fact I am in in this situation now myself, but am I pissed?.....Nuhhh...I'm cool at least FOR NOW.

I'm cool because i've adopted the laid back approach from the Americans. They taught me that the ultimate bling factor is getting from one point to another in a fashionably late manner. Maintain composure, your coolness, your temper and your style when you arrive late......but when people arrive late for at your meeting, Fuck them mercilessly.

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