Saturday, March 5, 2011

Farewell dinner in LiYen

liyen at The ritz carlton K.L

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An example of what i had. Its the only photo i took. Too busy eating and forget to shoot the rest.
My first Chinese fine dining experience was at Liyen Ritz carlton in K.L (Jalan Imbi) 2nd Floor. As with all the other french/italian and etc dining experience, the Chinese ones are quite similar in some ways but totally reversed taste wise.

The similarity starts with the presentation of the thing, which starts with a very big plate and a small serving in the middle, and expect plate changes to occur very frequently, and chinese tea being topped up after every sip, and that's about where the similarities stops.

The chinese food i had here had a Cantonese theme to it, which most of them taste very mild in seasoning, and natural flavors is very much preferred. As a HAKKA kid, the food i ate are mostly very heavy in seasoning/herbs and spices, but after trying out this typical cantonese food, I quickly fell in love with it.

To sum up what i had that evening:-
-peking roast duck
-snow fungus and winter plums with braised pork
-barbecued baby pork ribs
-some braised sea cucumber and abalone
-apple and pork soup
-steamed soon hock fish
-some steamed veggies
-superior fried rice with scalops and prawns
-deep fried prawns with some sweet glazing on top of it.
-diced duck in a wrap
-superior glass noodles with alot of expensive things in it.
-coconut jelly desert
-fresh almond juice

You may think that the list is incredibly long, but the servings are relatively small in comparison with other traditional chinese cuisine. And we had 2 bottles of white wine (forget what's the name) to wash down all the food we had, and some excellent Chinese tea as well, and like all typical chinese meal, it had to be accompanied by at least some beer, so we ordered 4.

The bill for all these fine experience comes to rm2,400 for 9 of us. Yea, 9 of us just ate an iphone 4 in one single feast.

To rank the taste of the food, i'll definately put it below Overseas restaurant (Jln Imbi), but experience wise, it'll be an absolute first for me> number one

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