Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is definately a true case which should have been brought out earlier. The case of Saman ekor  which means summoning the driver and have the summonses delivered via post.

Yes, the police is always watching on us and making sure that our roads are safe from OVER- SPEEDING vehicles!!!!. I'd say WTF PDRM?

You see, Malaysian roads are very unique in its own way, kinda like an Asian AUTOBAHN, and you can always drive your car up to its maximum top speed as long as you can afford it. Where else can you find powerful cars storming on the fast lanes of the road at speeds of over 180km/h and then won't get caught?

And even if you get caught, chances for you to not pay the summon is high chiefly because the SAMAN will arrive at your post a couple of years later....yeap, it's A COUPLE OF YEARS LATER!!!

One more reason for "WTF PDRM" is because these baargers like to do roadblocks around corners, and this could be very dangerous when you're speeding into a corner.

I once encountered this problem where i nearly bang a traffic squad down when speeding into a corner and then suddenly encountered a blockade  in the middle of it. I was then greeted by a friendly policeman that smiles warmly at me and he says " Bang dah 10km/h lebeh laju nih, nak saman ke atau setel?". If you're a smart consumer do you wanna SETTLE it with the officer or do you go for the (RM300 -50% discount).

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