Friday, March 18, 2011

My Nokia E7 review

Just got myself a brand new Nokia E7 from the local Avaxx distributer. This phone which is considered to be Nokia's flagship model cost a cool RM2000 here in Malaysia. Upon receiving the complete package, i was surprised to see the size of the box, which is really really small and compact and tiny and microscopic and miniscule and..........

Good things comes in small package, and the same applies to this phone, which upon opening it reveals a host of X-tras supplied. There's 2 USB cables, 1 HDMI, Charger, Headphone, Manual and NO CD.

After charging the unit for till its full, i turned ON every option connectivity option available in it, The bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, data,GSM. I spent the whole day playing around with my new phone, i've streamed many many clips from youtube, used the camera a lot, played videos, gaming, browse the web and etc, and to my surprise, the battery lasted a day of heavy torturing, Mp4, Xvid all played great in this device, while RMVB was playable, but it lagged alot, while AVI is not playable. That's great amounts of power for great people.

The design itself feels very high quality to touch, and its hinges close with real determination, Slightly heavy to push at first, but once closed nobody will ever noticed that the keyboard can be slid away from the screen. Also the phone is relatively heavy, and with the aluminum construction, it could easily slide out from one's pocket.

Performance wise, i ranked it slightly O.K compared to my previous HTC HD2. The desktop screens, menus, and all its built in programs feels fast enough. IF there's no background programs running, it works fine and smooth, but if you pile up the background apps, the device could slow to a crawl or worse it hangs. After using the phone for a day, it hanged while i was downloading and installing some apps in OVI store, other than this glitch it works fine. Multitasking performance was good if you don't run more than 3-4 apps simultaneously. I'm sure most people are turned OFF by the poor performance of Nokia's of recent, but for this business phone but this works so much better than, say a Nokia N97.

For multimedia purposes, i can say it ran fine. Video's are smooth and the SCREEEN, is terribly good. Movies are so vivid, and the black colours are BLACK, not DIM or DARK, but "BLACK". And that's the good things i can remember because the others are BADDDD..... The music app is good but the quality is really poor, and music played thru my pair of headphone sounds very sharp, lacks bass, and just awful, and even my ol Nokia E63 sounded better than that. The speaker is also weak, thus conversation thru the speakerphone can only be carried out in a quiet environment.

The camera although having millions an millions of pixels, are just CRAP to use. I'll say again CRAAAAAAPPPPPP. With 8 Mp's i'm fooled by Nokia's claim that the EDOF camera is a simple point and shoot system offering superior quality photos at small siz...bla...bla. The pictures that came out from it has a white tinge to it no matter how you tune, the white balance, saturation and etc. Without autofocus you can't shoot A4 sized documents, or even close up photos because the systems doesn't have a focusing mechanisme. Let me say it again...CRAAAAPPPPPp.

Web browsing is awkward with the supplied browser, but after getting opera 10.1, it upgrades its status to one of the best mobile browsing device in the market. Fast,no lag, no hang,vivid pages, flash, and etc.

For business user though, this phone could probably be the one to hit the Gspots. Calls are too crisp and too clear, because unlike any other phones in the market, this comes equipped with a noise cancellation device system. Mails are easy to read and replying to them are just as easy because the keypad is so easy and comfortable to type, that I've written this whole review with my Nokia E7, and starting from NOW, my palms are feeling a little tired now.

So as a conclusion, this E7 phone which is built purposely for business users, excel in doing that, but it throws in many extra features which businessmen doesn't need. So unless you're a  QUITEwealthy businessmen you will definitely find this as a perfect device for you because you couldn't afford a VERTU. If you're an average guy, with an average 9-5 job, chances are you'll regret buying this phone and wanting your money back. Wait a minute.... I'm an average joe.

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