Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ipoh trip

I was a Ipoh these couple of days to attend one of my cousin's wedding, which I'm not closely attached to. They are my cousin, and i think blood related as well, but when i meet them up, i really could not recall any fond memories i had with them, the worse is i don't even know how to call i just laughed/smiled and called them by thier nicknames **eih*.

Ok, forget about the wedding stuff, and let me bring you to what i've done during this 2 day ordeal that i had. The best memories could probably be summarized into a very short sentence which is "Damn cow full". As you flers know, IPOH is a popular makan destination for most malaysian, and the taste and quality of the food there *If you know where to go* is simply out of this world.

I'll name some examples,the chicken floss noodle in lou wong, ho hee noodle, tuck kee prawn noodle, egg tarts from nam cheong, dim sum from foh san, yong tau foo from cheah bro's and etc, are some of the must have that topped my list once i'm there.

Because yesterdays was the only day, i've ever spent a full 12 hours there in Ipoh, i'll show you what i;ve done there in a day.

1) Foh san dim sum as usual.
2) Visit the coffee shop infront of nam cheong for a white coffee, roasted bread, and chee cheong fun.
3) After finishing the coffee, we walked over to nam cheong, to drink coffee again, but this time we ordered the fresh pastries and *egg tarts* and fried mee.
4) Hang out in starbucks ipoh parade, and coffee again.
5) After finishing coffee, drive over to somewhere near the haircut academy to have Ho-hee noodles and wanton mee, and then washed down with some chinese desert ( don't know what's it called though).
6) Waited in a long line for *happy mountain* tow foo fah *beancurd desert*.
7) Drove over to pat kok lou pastry shop, and packed a lot of pastries.
8) Dinner in a new hotel, somewhere near casuarina. We can still sapu all the food in the table.

With our tummies all full to the brim, we happily drove home. But now, i'm suffering because as i'm posting this, i had a ENO drink on desk, and my tummy is burbling heavily at this moment, guess i'm gonna have to starve my self for the entire week, to offset the carbs i gained in this 2 days.

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