Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love is so complicated

What got me blogging about this subject is because i had some issues from a nephew of mine. The story goes like this:

my neph posted something on his facebook wall, saying "I'm done with you' then few minutes later he changed his status to 'single'.

Being a gor gor its natural that i post a comment and ask about the situation,and i usually have the tendency to quote some sarcasm into my lines as well, so i said something like 'people nowadays are so rambang ...etc'. Minutes later i received a blardy long mail from a girl, which i think is his girlfriend.
In the message, she asked me about his relationship with other girls. " its' funny, becuase it reads like she's so into backhand-ing the bitch that stole her bb.boy"

a qoute from the msg;

aka xxxx hi. · erm.. may i noe wat do u mean on yyyy status thr? u said him owez chg girls? izit he owez chg gf last year and oso within tis 3 months? cn u plz tel me the truth? erm.. don tell yyyy tat i msg u

i felt her desperation and stupidity in this particular message. This girl is so immature and not independant at all.

There could be a reason if you loose your bb.boy to someone else, maybe you're incompetent?,maybe your 32B is not sizeable enough?, or maybe you looked like his mom rather than his girl? or worse your habit makes other people beh tahan.

If you could read this dear... I hope you could solve this matter with real maturity. He's a big boy now, no need to sneak out and check him from behind, a real face to face Q and A would do nicely, you gotta look him in the eye, and ask him sincerely. There's no point sending me so many questions about him, because at the end of the day, you're the one who's making out with him and not me.

And the tip of the day for you is, don't even think of checkin your guy out. Guyz are the most honest being on earth. No point in looking where they've shove thier kok. Take my advice, real men speak true words.

And please, i hate it when people say ' dont tell him i asked you to....' WTF is the oldest trick in the book. I'm REAL men....

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