Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HD no more

My HTC HD2 had been with me for nearly a year now, and look at it now! battle scars,bruises and scratches all over its body. This phone had served its purpose relatively well, blowing iphones, and Androids far far away, and now since its warranty had already expired, i've decided that its time to get another Windows phone.

There's actually lots and lots of choices if you're intending to get a these high end powerful toys, but my choices are filtered down to these:-

1) HTC Desire HD
2) HTC HD7
3) Samsung galaxy tablet phone

And hey, have you fellas ever seen a VERTU phone before?

4) Vertu masterpeice Ascent Titanium

Well, i'll  have to see if any of my stocks will bring me enough bonuses, if it does i'm gonna take the rm8k vertu home...yeah babay


  1. life is tough???? RM8k not tough for you pun

  2. Peng: I'm a shopaholic too, like you....if my boss gives me a bonus, chances that i'll spend it all in a day is very high.

    But sometimes i do shop high and low to get it at the bestest best price, and emmm throw in a 12month easy payment, "i won't wanna thiunk twice"