Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evolution of the species

Maxis broadband, my first broadband device

Little P1 super wiggy, compact and fast, but its range is very limited
Get what i mean?

I've finally reached my 1 year Maxis broadband contract and i'm looking forward to change my ISP, The package that i've signed up with maxis, gives me a 3gb qouta monthly, and some pretty descent speed for my work regardless of where i am. I can work at home or in the office, and even in the forest of Kuala Lipis, I'm still able to send messages and surf the web.......Well that's about the good things that i can say about maxis BB.

The bad thing about this service is, the 3gb qouta, which maxis says is their fair usage policy to throttle down your speed after reaching that mark.

Before subscribing to this service, i've told my self "boy, 3gb of data is too much for me, and i don't even need half of that", but hey, I've signed up.

After  1 week of usage and being very happy with the service as well, the problem soon arises. As i check the usage indicator, it displays that i've already used up to 1.5 GB of data already, and in 3 weeks time, i've already surpassed the 3 GB qouta mark, and my surfing speed falls to snail pace.

Well, at first i thought that after the qouta, the speed will fall to at least 50%, but boy oh boy am i WRONG......It's been so blardy friggin slow after reaching the mark, and now i couldn't even login to Facebook or surf the web. Man...i feel that its even slower than my OLD 56K modem.

Some MAXIS supporters here might accuse me of being a heavy downloader or line hogger, but i seriously doubt that. My typical usage consist of surfing on facebook which sometimes requires me to link to "youtube" to view clips, e-mail, reading online news, blogging and general surfing. Noticed that i've highlighted YOUTUBE?.

Well, Youtube here is the major culprit that boost my data usage. I've discovered that a single 5 minute clip can use up to 30-60MB of data, and if you watch a lot, I recommend you to NOT USE MAXIS BROADBAND.

As for P1 super wiggy, lagi worse........not signal in my home in Bukit Antarabangsa. I was cheated by P1 because they publish on the web that my house is within the range of its WIMAX station, and THEY FRIGGIN LIED......

At last, i've decided to give P1 another chance by giving their flagship Modem the DX230 a try, but even that had hard time getting a full signal. Since i've got a couple of days left before i surrender my modem back to P1 for a refund, i'm gonna try positioning the modem throughout my house to try to get a full signal.

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