Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who am I????

Racism is not something extraordinary and rare, its a plagued that happens in all countries irregardless of poor or rich. Everybody hates racist, it's a disease that divides humans, believes, and it is dangerous.

I've been a victim of rasicm all my life, and i've learned to tolerate it and not give a shit about it. I've also learned to trust only to myself, and to work hard to achieve something on myself. Nobody's going to feed me if i failed and nobody's going to be there when you need a help. This wise and short quotes had been repeated by my parents over and over again since i was a little kid, and it still proves to be true till today. What i'm trying to stress here is that Malaysian chinese had to rely on themselves to survive, and we were typically cast out to the sea by our beloved motherland, and we had to swim to survive or drown.

The Malaysian Chinese are proud of their country, and notice how we called ourselves "Malaysian first, Chinese  second"?, you recalled that? our Deputy prime minister used to argued on that!!!. My granpa used to fought for his country, and willing to die for his country and I myself would do the same in that situation, but....see what's happening today?. We are called "PENDATANG" which means immigrant in Malay.

Sometimes i wondered, my granparents was born in Malaysia, i was born in Malaysia, My Identity card was registered in Malaysia,I can speak proper Malay,I paid taxes,  and still, i am called a pendatang?, while Mamaks are not?. Was it because of my religion or skin colour?...... Go ask those dumb Malaysian politicians!!!!!.

I am born and bred in Malaysia for 26 years, and my grandparents used to tell me stories of the 3 main races in Malaysia, which is Malay,Chinese and Indians. Now "1 Malaysia concept" had made the pool more diverse by introducing Indonesian Malaysian, Bangla Malaysian, Myanmar Malaysian and etc.

To make matters worse, Malaysian Chinese in West Malaysia are "NOT BUMIPUTRAS", while Malaysian Chinese in East Malaysia "ARE BUMIPUTRAS" (bumiputra means the son of the soil in Malay). I had an uncle in Lahad datu,Sabah in east Malaysia, he is a Chinese, he is registered as a Bumiputra and it is stated in his identity card, he enjoys the benefit of having discount when buying a house, he can join into UMNO party which in west Malaysia is reserved only to Malays......... I AM NOT!!!!!. Why?

Malaysian Chinese Population Declines to 25% 
In a census just beyond 2000, I heard that there were approximately 32% ethnic Chinese in Malaysia. This, at the time was alarming enough as we were closer to 40% in the earlier days. Today, it is reported at as of 2005, there are only 25% and the number continues to reduce.
Why is this? I think everyone knows the answer why. Non Malays in Malaysia are being systematically marginalised to make way for fellow Malays who need not get things like scholarships by merit. It is practically presented to them on a silver platter, regardless if they are deserving or not.
Sources from: http://politika-malaysia.blogspot.com/2007/11/malaysian-chinese-population-declines.html

Most Chinese and Indians who can afford to send their children overseas would definitely NOT encourage them to work and settle down in Malaysia. Put yourself in their shoes, ask yourself, Why would you want your children to suffer the same fate as you?. Perhaps you might argue that "the pastures are always greener on the other side"?, but nope, not me. I was a Second class citizen back in my own country, and now in U.K, i'm still a second class citizen, so does it makes any difference?

While the Chinese and the Indians are being sidelined in Malaysia, politicians are busy arguing whether they should call themselves "Malaysian Malays" or "Malay Malaysian"?.

While the Chinese and the Indians are being sidelined in Malaysia, Datuk ibrahim ali is now busy writing a speech on how to criticize and bombard the christian community in Malaysia.

While the Chinese and the Indians are being sidelined in Malaysia, MP's are arguing whether we the Chinese and Indians should be chased out of Malaysia......Go see for youself on youtube link below.

Even our neighbours, Singapore is laughing at us, so as a conclusion i would like to thank the government for casting us out, it had made the Malaysian Chinese stronger, because we are not living on welfare, and we are forced to work harder and smarter than others.

Every country is laughing at Malaysia, and here the ministers are fighting over "Ketuanan Melayu". If i'm a Malay, i should be very embarassed. Think about it, if you let the "Malayu Islam" as said by Ibrahim Ali, to run the economy, do you think it will flourish?. The Malays are blessed to have the Chinese and Indians in this country, and Don't call us Pendatang, Malays are immigrants as well, its just that the government had altered the history books that you've read......We are the same, we are equal, and most importantly, WE ARE MALAYSIANS.

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