Monday, August 8, 2011

Peugeot 3008 Hdi Review

The peugeot 3008 looks quite nice though!!!.

This peugeot 3008 HDi is the first ever peugeot i've driven, and i've driven for more than 1000kms on it already.
Here's the specification of the 3008:

Engine: 1.6 litre Turbo diesel
Output: 110hp
Torque: 192lb ft
MPG: 55.3


Nothing much to fault on except the satnav which is quite confusing to use.

Dash is easy to read, and bright, but a little too minimalist.
Do you really need this? Isn't the seat belt buzzer annoying enough?

The quality of the cabin is quite good. The dash board is covered with soft plastics, the leather wrapped steering is good to hold. The door panel also have soft plastics and lined with real aluminium strips which makes it looks very classy.

There's a lot of storage space in the cabin, the space in the boot was HUGE, but legroom was a little tight for my height at 6 feet. The seating position is akin to a Van, which is mounted high, but short legs. This seating position will make taller drivers feel tired after prolonged hours of driving, but fortunately the seats were supportive.

Headroom and shoulder room is good, and the cabin feels airy.

The sound system pumps up great music, and its easy to use, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Satnav system which is confusing and difficult to use. The remote commander which is located next to the wiper stalks are also quite difficult to use as they are clustered together with the ignition keys and the wiper stalk, and sometimes when you want to increase the volume of the radio, you could accidentally activate the wipers or pressed on the keys, Peugeot could have used steering buttons instead of the old fashioned remote commander.


The engine in this 3008 feels quite brisk, slightly above the "enough" level. The turbocharger in this car kicks in at around 1600rpm, and once it hits this mark, the surge of power comes in big lumps and the passengers will probably notice it, but thankfully its smooth and revs quite freely up to 5000rpm.

This diesel engine is very clattery, it feels like Peugeot had skimped on engine bushes. Its clattery when idle, and the vibration can be felt on the gear levers and  the clutch pedals.

Fuel consumption was great, as it returned over 50mpg.

Ride and Handling

The ride is a little bit bumpy at low speed, but settles down at high speed. Meanwhile the handling was good,  with the steering giving great feedback and sharpness but a little bit light, and body roll was also very minimal.

Travelling at speeds at 90mph, the ride feels comfortable, and noise levels are just  merely acceptable. At this speed, the car also feels susceptible to crosswind. When anything slightly bigger than the 3008 overtakes you at speeds above 70mph, you will practically feels the cars side to side motion, and this is not cool, because it requires a lot of steering correction to keep the car straight and it tires my arms.

This peugeot uses the good old torsion beam rear suspension, which explains why it has a big and deep boot. The front uses the McPherson Independent suspension. I've always hated cars with beam type suspension at the rear, and this peugeot is no exception, and mid corner bumps still upset the cars balance.

The brakes in this car is good, great stopping power and pedal feel, but the pedal are relatively small and they are not spaced adequately enough.


This peugeot 3008, fits in between the MPV and 4x4 category, and its got competitions from both sides. And for the question of ,Do i recommend it?, i think its a NO for me.

The peugeot doesn't give me the impression that its a proper good quality car, the door close with a hollow thud, while it rides well, it didn't feel sophisticated enough,it's powerful enough and economical to run, after my non stop drive down to south of england, my legs felt tired not because of the clutch action , but because of the lack of legroom.

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