Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Riots and Disaster around the world, Could the 2012 prophecy be true?

I'm sure most of you heard about the London riot that is happening here in the U.K, and i'm sure as well that readers here had relatives that are in U.K now. I can tell you that they are safe from harm, as the police here is way more efficient than the ones back in Malaysia.

To be more precise, it isn't a riot that's been happening down in London, its more like a Mass Looting of high end products. I've saw from the news that most that took part in the riots are students and young people. Nobody know what had been the cause of the riots, even the  authorities doesn't know it.

Life is already difficult for Londoners, as they have to pay for their living on top of that the taxes and utilities, but wait.....the U.K government provides welfare for the poor isn't it?. This question is not an easy one, and it also does not have a definite answer to it.

To sum up thoe riots that's been happening this year in 2011 are:-

It's only August of 2011 and there are a few already, i guess the peoples of the world are getting greedier and going berserk.

I've seen many of these video from youtube, and from what they've interviewed from the rioters, is the lack of job opportunity and freedom.

People all around the world are complaining about the high food prices and and lack of job opportunities, and when few people get together and shares the same problem, it becomes anger, and eventually the anger will turn into violence.

I've also started to question myself on why such thing ever happens?. If you are deprived of jobs, shouldn't you be working harder to find one instead of rioting? Shouldn't you be at home thinking hard for a way out instead of causing harm on the streets?

For those who's not affected by the riots, think about it out of the box. Why does it happen? Is there a pattern to why all these riots happen?. Try to think of it as a whole, is it because of the scarcity of resources? Do you think there is a mastermind behind all this?, Do you think its the work of Americans? or do you think its because its a warning from god of the impending disaster that's coming in 2012? or perhaps the rioter know something that we don't know, perhaps knowing that their government is building an ark, and they loot whatever they can to get the save for the tickets to the ark?......I don't know!!!!.

All i know is the mankind populations should be at its peak now, and there will always be forces of nature or perhaps mankind, that's always trying to keep everything in balance.

Perhaps this video could explain more about what's been happening in 2011.

So friends, families and readers, take a minute to remind yourself how fragile life is, live your life like there's no tomorrow. If you want something GET IT!!!, if you LOVE someone SAY IT!!!. And some of my christian friends used to tell me that his GOD will give signs....and perhaps riots this year, plus the Japan's Tsunami disaster is the sign.

Loved you all........peace

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