Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sennheiser MX370 review

I've never touched earphones for a long long time now, but since i've got my hands on a new pair of Sennheiser MX370 earphones i mind as well be writing something about it. This earphone probably cost peanuts to buy, and i think i saw it at a departmental store for around 19 pounds.

This earphone might be cheap, but if you want good music at low price, is suggest getting a headphone or an in ear earphone instead. I've abandoned earphones ever since i got my first headphone which is a philips, and i've never went back ever since.

For starters, this earphone is not properly shaped to fit into my ears which means lots of sound leakage and incomplete sealing. Bass wise was OK, as it was deep enough and it handled the low end bass without much distortions UNTIL you turn up the volume where it lost its OK-ness.

Higher pitch sounds were OK, not as clear as you would expect but still somewhere around the acceptable region. When the volume goes up, the treble will overtake the bass which at that point its cheapness starts to show.

The bottomline is, if you're going looking for cheap and cheerful earphone, you're not listening too loud (less than 40% volume), likes to listen to pop, and want to listen to music and have a conversation at the same time, then you will find this quite suitable, but if you are the type who wants trance,disco,metal, DO NOT get this even though it suits your budget.

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