Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am a Banana, should i be proud?

Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
I'm sure some of you might be noticing that i've started to speak mandarin more often now, I'm in U.K but still i'm learning mandarin, weird?. Chinese population here in U.K is huge, wherever you go, chances are you would bump into one of them. From restaurants to markets to shopping mall, i've been approached by them all asking where i'm from.

I've been asked that question so many times that i started to identify myself as a local Brit.
Everytime when i was asked "why are you a chinese but doesn't know how to speak mandarin", i;ve got to explain a long story to them, and i got fed-up that i'm learning their lingo now.

Today i had dinner with some of my friend, and of of them was a girl, and i asked the most dumbest question whether she would like to have skinless chicken or not, it goes like this, but translated to English:-

me: What do you want?
  girl: i want fried chicken with ......
me: Chicken? want " Ji pei"  ?
   girl: .....huh.........(swing her bag to my chest)
me: "Ji pei" not nice meh? Why hit me? (got hit again)
After the incident, it turns out that I was supposed to say "Ji Pee" instead of "Ji pei" which means vagina in mandarin.

So i got "bagged" today for not knowing what i was saying.

So should i be proud being a banana?....erm i think so!!!!

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