Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 review

The new Samsung Galaxy S2 unboxing

Wow..quite simple really.
Side by side comparison with my old Nokia E7.
Bundled together with Google maps of course.
Single bulb xenon flash is sufficient for dim photography and useful as a torchlight.

Sharp colours and terrific brightness form the 4.3 inch WVGA screen.
Li-ion battery has got 1650mAH of capacity, and its even got an extra micro SD slot
Terrific image quality from the 8mp snapper

Dual cameras, 3.5mm headphone jack, and at this angle the screen still look clear.
Pixels? What? Its a sharp screen, enough said.

This mega samsung could perhaps be one of the most lightest and thinnest 4 inch phone i've ever held, or placed in my pocket. I'm not kidding you about the lightness, because the battery cover is made of thin plastic, the aluminium side strips that surrounds the phone feels cheap and very light. That might not be a bad thing for this phone though as i am really happy with the weight of the Galaxy S2 in my pocket.

As you turned it on, you'll immediately noticed how bright and cheerful the screen is, because its utilising samsungs popular SUPER-AMOLED screen. The gorilla glass screen is also very tough which means it will not break if you accidentally sit on it, and its scratch proof too. Black colours also appears really black, and other colour are stunningly rendered, and the live wallpaper really is jaw dropping, furthermore, the screen offers a high resolution which means icons looks really smooth.

The specification of the phone is as impressive as the design of the phone because it utilises the latest 1.2 Ghz Samsung Orion processor which has 2 cores, and it running it will be via the android 2.3.3 which is very responsive and quick. I've tried running a 720p movie with the built in video player, and it turns out to be quite laggy. doubt its got a fast processor, could even be faster than the ipad's processor, but a phone is a phone, or could it be the software that's at fault?

The phone function is good, with call sounding crisp,clear and loud enough. The reception strenght is great as well, holding its signal better than my Nokia E7 could. While the quality of the calls were great, the Phonebook functions and the messagings are too much for me. I think android phonebooks are quite complicated, because there is too much functions in there. I've got used to picking up the phone, selecting  the contact and pressing th dial button, but this galaxy just had more steps involved which is unnecessary.

Web browsing on this phone is a blast, courtesy of the big screen and responsive SWYPE on screen keyboard. I've ditch the default browser for a Opera browser instead, and i've been told that this device supports Flash 10.3 contents.

As for the camera, i couldn't find a fault for it, as the pictures produced are great, and its even got a macro mode that really works...ON A PHONE!!!.

As for video, it can record full HD videos, which also produce stunning results.

After spending almost 2 weeks on the phone, i can say that i'm quite happy with it, as it is powerful and light enough to hold, plus the battery life when running on battery saving mode can last me up to 2 full days with light usage and web surfing at 60% screen brightness. But if you ever use it to watch HD movies, it will get pretty warm in your hands, and it will struggle to last a day. I'm sure those who buys this phone will not use it squarely for work, but if you're really into video,gaming, and "always on" data mode, you'll probably zap up the battery very very fast.

Recomended if you want a small and powerfull phone which is both stable and easy to use, and to those who don't mind keeping this device for for a year or two. But if you really are a gadget freak, and you want the best toys to wow your friends, i'd say wait for the LG 3D phone. I'd saw the LG today at carphone warehouse and it's "OhmegawdfreeginAwhhhhsome".

The LG 3D phone is launched today, i've played with it, and i definately loved it. Get the LG 3D instead of this samsung  galaxy if you are NOW shopping for phones at this price. The 3D effect will surely pop your cherry.

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