Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reviewing the Ford S-Max 2.0 TDCi Titanium

I've went for a weekend trip from Sheffield to the mountains of Snowdon with this new Ford S-max 7 seater.  This version is the 2000cc Turbodiesel version with the 6 speed manual shifter.

The specification is as below:
Engine: 2.0 Duratorq TDCi
Max power : 163Ps
Max Torque: 340Nm
MPG: 45
Kerb weight: 1690Kg

This van currently ranks first on my list of 7 seater vans i've driven. Its got the combination of both power and handling in a VAN!!!.



First of all when you climb aboard this vehicle,you will first notice the nice and cosy cabin. The materials used in its construction is solid and imparts a quality feel to it. The thick leather wrapped steering wheel feels nice to touch, the doors gives a solid thud when closed. When i think about it, there isn't any noticeable cheap plastics around the interior EXCEPT the control on the radio, but i've accustomed to the steering controls that I've don't need to lay my fingers on the radio.

This car also comes with a starter button which proves to be useful when stalling. I've stalled the vehicle  many times, and just by a dab of the clutch and pressing the starter the vehicle comes to life. But while doing that make sure you release the handbrake as the some might not be accustomed to the handbrake design which looks like an aircraft styled lever.

The built in Sony audio system sounds poor, perfect for classic and jazz, but anything else sounds tinny due to the lack of bass. This vehicle comes equip with the Ford Convers+ which is typically a premium color screen display on the dashboard, and its crappy. The colors are beautiful but the information it provides is a little lacking.

The front windscreen pillars also hinder visibility as they are quite thick and there 2 of them.

The 3rd row seats are so easy to deploy, and entry into it is not that much difficult as well. The seats offer good support and they are very comfortable even after 3 hours sitting in the car, furthermore they hold you firmly in place during spirited driving.

Ride and Handling

The S-max uses Independent McPherson struts in front and the popular Independent control blade suspension arrangement at the back which is the similar arrangement on a Ford focus. The result is great handling and comfort.

This 7 seater van corners so much better than most saloon does and it now ranks 1st in my list for its great handling, and its ride quality, until i've tested the Mercedes Benz R-class that is.

While driving on a twisty section of the road, the front end of the vehicle feels light and agile which is probably due to the electronic steering, while the rear feels very stable and planted. If all hell broke loose, the ESP will intervene and keep the car going on its desired direction. The car also rolls very little around corners and my passengers didn't felt sick when i drove it around the hills of Snowdon.

The ride quality is also very good, bumps are soaked up relatively well by the suspension, and it goes pretty well over Britain cobbled roads without rattling my passengers too much.


The engine is little gem, and this duratoq unit produces  a massive 340Nm of torque which means overtaking is effortless and this engine is also very smooth. There's no noticeable turbo lag, and the turbo kicks in at a relatively low (around 1800rpm), but it feels quite linear, no sudden turbo rush or whatsoever, and the only thing that's going to stop you from revving ever higher is when it reaches 5000rpm, it will start to rattle, and it sounds like the turbo is going to fly out from its housing.

During high speed run on highways, i could easily overtake cars at 6th gear, even with a boot full of luggage and 7 passengers on.

The fuel consumption is also relatively good, and returning around 45 miles for every gallon of fuel.


This S-max is definitely recommended for those who's shopping for a small 7 seater MPV, its quite easy to park, its comfortable, its powerful, its sporty and it looks great. Everything that a thinking family man needs!!!.

-Powerful engine
-Great handling and ride comfort
-quite spacious when the third row seats are not present
-looks great

-Radio sucks
-Trip computer doesn't display enough information


  1. Hey thanks for the positive comments mingyi!!!!, I'm happy that you read this.