Thursday, August 4, 2011

A trip down South!!!!

Gonna go catch a train, sayonara!!!

Owh....steam engine?. right!!

Impressive huh? Just loved this.

sunset on the coast of Snowdon.

Snowdon again with my kiddy friend!!!!

Behold.....the mountains of Snowdon.

The 3rd art gallery i visited since i've step foot in this country.
Loved english arts!!! idol!!! Don't laugh
Yes....i'm friggin affraid of heights. Liverpool's eyes nearly made me wet my pants.

I've traveled all the way from southern Yorkshire down to the South of England, and its a long long journey, so i'd recommend you get some good company and a comfy vehicle to start with. I''ve always hated long journeys on roads, but after experiencing the beauty in Llanberis, i'd say its all worth the sacrifice.

After Llanberis, we travelled back up to Liverpool for a night there. Liverpool has got nice shopping centres and like always, i can't resist shopping, so i bought myself some clothings and a spanking new Samsung galaxy S2, as i'm so fed up with my Nokia E7. 

I'll be writing a review soon on the Samsung Galaxy S2, so check back later. As for now, i;ve gotta stop blogging on my galaxy S2 now, as the battery is going to die soon.

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