Sunday, November 1, 2009

A day out with my classmates

Last Sunday we’ve organized a trip to the botanical garden in putrajaya, with a bunch of my classmates from AMT2 and some leng lui’s

This is actually the first outing I had with them, and on that day everybody was so excited that we decided to start our journey at 6 in the morning, which means that I had to wake up at 5am….(and you know how I hate to wake up early in the morning).

And you know what????. When we reached there, we got to know that the park opens at 9AM…WTF? Yea..thanks to you hientee for your early morning call.

So we wait and wait till it opens at 9….wohooo getting excited….

After the park opens, we rented bicycles from the garage for RM7/ 2hrs.

And after getting my bike, I decided to do some stunts, coz the bike I rented had front and rear suspension and runs on tubeless tyres…..yeah babay,……..-- i rode my bike on the kerbs, stairways and grass just to let my friends be jealous on how cushy my bike is.

Minutes later, I reached somewhere quite far away from the bike garage, and THEN….the wheel of the bike literally comes off….so much for the cushy suspension and stunts…damn have to push back to the garage lo, friggin far sumore.

To conclude on the cycling trip to putrajaya botanical garden, all I can say is that I actually walk further than I cycle.

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