Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another friend bites it.......

A love story

Princess waiting to be rescued by his charming king...seen here together with her guardian...Wow wish i had a guardian too.

The KING of the day arrives with his fellow subjects, and his mean machines...Seems like the KING is driving his STEED rather than being driven.

Heads up high, full of confidence, and balls all pumped up....the groom looks confident enough to snatch his women from the realm of thousand evil mermaids....

And not to forget are his entourage of jokerss

The impending evil that they are bound to face.....

But before they face the upcoming evilness, the KING and his subjects decided that they should have a power pack lunch first. Let's have vegetarian,this ought to give you guyz sufficient vitamins and minerals.

WTF!!!, The King suddenly remembered that he cant cook

Furious after eating his own PRODUCE, we decided to give him a litle surprise...

His subject had gone to the extend to kidnap the bride from the clutches of evil, Seen in the picture climbing over THE GREAT WALL. A little backdooring wont hurt eih..

Sucessfully kidnapped the bride, MISSION accomplished, and the king lives happily ever after.

Let's celebrate the making of a new happy family

Hot chicks/princesses that graced the the hall of the banquet....

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