Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I want one... first step into politics. Like every malaysian who's so curious to know where the billions and millions have gone, here's the answer..... > grab a copy of his book at your local bookstore today.

I'm not affraid to tell you how F**ked up i am with the GUV. Well, I'm not active in politics, I support any nor do i know who's the MP in my area, bottomline...I just dont give a damn. But one thing i do know is lots of people are suffering now, I worked 11 hours a day and all i get is chicken feed, btu the fellas on top dont listen to our problem.

Let me give you an example of how my business is affected:-

The recent NAP policy stated that AP price will increase by RM10k, This makes the already expensive vehicles prices excessively expensive, and not to mention Japanese trucks/Lorries also needs AP. So do you think many small logistics operators can afford the increase?...Anyway if the 50 Grand price tag on AP's goes to the GUV then its OK, BUT in IsN'T--> I think the bulk of it goes to some big arse DATUK.

2nd (Stopping the import of used auto parts).--> basically asking kedai potong/used parts/spare parts dealer to F**k off. I'm begging you Mr GUV...since you BAN the retread tyres, lots of tyre retreaders had close shop coz of your decision, now you want to ask the part dealer to close ar? If they close, then u suppose the truck operators to buy new parts?

3rd (Crime rate) --> There had been several theft, burglary case in this area, and I'M ONE OF THE VICTIMS too. Well..I must say that the police did a great job, but it's not enough--> actually I think the police is not the one to blame, if you ask me i'll want to blame the GUV. Lots of people are losing their JOB, starving, desperate.....who do you think should be blamed?

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