Saturday, October 31, 2009

My connection is friggin slow

I’ve subscribed to maxis broadband for nearly a month now. The first 2 weeks I’ve experienced the fastest connection speed ever going thru my PC, but then after that the speed dwindles to nearly 70KBps…..and now that I’ve surpassed the quota of 3GB, my speed drops even further to around 5-20KBps.

You must be asking why, in the first place I subscribed to this network. First of all I live in the forest, and there isn’t any coverage except with celcom and maxis broadband, secondly my friend who lives nearby said that the celcom broadband that he is currently using sucked…therefore maxis is the only choice.

I’ll wait till I pay my bill for the first month, and if its still slow, I’ll have to switch again…….

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