Sunday, November 1, 2009

New month, new style

Just went to E3 saloon to get my hair a rework, under the careful hand of Ms Zac NG, yea, it’s a SHE, and this 'she' does look MANLY though..., but for one thing is that her hands are like Chef Oliver’s, slowly yet gently massaging my huge coconut shell.

Since I felt so good while being massaged, I signed up for its scalp treatment as well which cost me RM59.00, hairwash at RM8.00, haircut at rm16.00…so the total goes up to rm80+.

The end result…tahh dahh,

NOW my new messy look, messier than the uncut ones………what a great way to spend 80 bucks. Have to work harder the next day lo, or probably I’m just gonna eat bread for this whole week. `Cari makan susah’

Speaking of cari makan, Did anyone notice my tummy, it’s not jutting out anymore, probably due to the increased bread intake and countless meal skipping practices.

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