Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ball Firemen Review

This is a Ball Firemen automatic watch, the cheapest watch in the BALL range. The price of this watch is not that cheap if you compare it against ORIS Williams F1, or the TAG F1 watches, but after seeing being put on display with all the UV light shined on it…It glitters. Bright, simple, tough and affordable. I bought the watch without much going thru my mind.

The watch itself looks very simple and there’s not much bullshit to stop you from reading time, just simple dial, with a date indicator and lots of lumes sticks. The watch also felt heavy and tough, which is typical of all other BALL watches.
The bracelet feels heavy and tough, and it felt comfortable on my wrist for the whole day, but sometimes it pulls the hairs of my wrist, and this can be very annoying for people with bushy wrist.

I have nothing to say about the movement, nothing to complain about its accuracy, and it stops beating after I left it in the closet for 2 days. At the beack of the watch you can see some engraving which is a train, and some wordings such as 100m water resistant, shock proof, 3h lighting, and etc

The lume of the watch is very bright, and its very easy to tell time when its completely dark, the lume markers are well spaced, and its bright. But comparing the Engineer hydrocarbon, firemen ionosphere, moonphase, and firemen….. I still feels that the firemen will be the winner, it looks brighter than the 3 other BALLS which I own~weird.


Not much to say about this watch though. It’s cheap, looks OK, feels…. Erm…. QUITE comfortable….. I think thats about it.

The downside of this watch will probably be the bracelet which pulls the hairs out of your wrist, and probably be the design which I feel will age easily. I’ve worn this watch for a year now, and its already starting to look like a vintage rolex.

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