Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Panasonic Lumix LX3 camera mini review.

You may have read my post last week regarding me ditching my DSLR for a smaller cam, and now here it is ---> My new panasonic lumix LX3

The reason i bought this camera is because its currently the best compact camera there is. Some of you might argue that the current best is perhaps the Olympus Pen or the Panasonic lumix GF1, but both cost at least double the price of which if you go with the twin lens and flash gun, it'll triple the price. So if you're shopping for a compact cam below rm2000, it think its the best in the market.

*update* I've done my research on other compact cameras, and it seems that this is the most expensive compact camera on sale in Malaysia.

The first impression i had with this camera is that is quite solid, it felt like i was holding a slab of aluminum block. This camera feels kinda solid,not too heavy and its quite pocketable. But user have to beware that it will get slippery if your hands get wet or sweaty, as the rubber grip area is kinda small, and the steel like finish doesn't help you to grip it well.

As for the buttons, they are shinny and difficult to see, short on travel, and some are difficult to operate with one hand, but the buttons have a high quality feel to them, and no free play/looseness.

The best thing you'll immediately notice with this camera is that its got a good screen which offers high resolution and good contrast, and its currently the best i've seen in any camera/DSLR/camcorder.

The pictures taken from this camera is very very good, comparable even to a DSLR, but the thing that really distinguished the super compacts and the DSLR is during low light shooting, where at ISO 200 and above noise level will start to ruin your photos. Its probably best to stay away from taking low light photos. Its also got an absolutely wide angle lens at 24mm wide but the telephoto ability which is only at 60mm is close to useless.

After 3 days of using it, i can conclude that its probably the best compact camera there is out there, producing good pictures,being very adjustable, and pocketable, but one thing's for sure is that its still can't replace a DSLR for serious shootings.

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