Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cari Makan susah #4

I was reading the good OL star newspaper when i stumbled upon this column. DRIVE TO BRING IN INVESTORS: MITI finds out why outsourced components higher than in Thailand.

This section caught my attention because i saw Granpa Muhyiddin's face there. If you have been following my blog, you'll know that i hated this fler,largely because he makes my life so miserable, and "bagi pecah mangkuk nasi orang"

Back to the newspaper column, This fler simple just blurt out word from thin air.... He's the MITI head, and you think he doesn't know what is going on ar? Please la DATUK muhyiddin, the RAKYAT's are not stewpet, even laymen knows that the reason thailand have cheaper part is partly because they have an unbiased/free industry.

Without healthy competition, the industry will not grow. In this case our local automotive sector will be a good example. Let me be honest with you, i'm currently working in the auto sector, and i have a lot of friends that does imports cars,trucks and autoparts and most of them are not doing well and some even halts and slow their businesses in order to wait for decisions from the GUV.

Non bumi car importers are not bringing in any new models because they have to buy AP's from rich/datuk/dato/tan sri bumiputra's which is now being increased by another Rm10k.

I'm told by my friend that it now cost around RM60k+ for an AP that the GUV sells to these rich flers at less than RM100. Return of investment is blardy roof high, and the money is all pocketed by these already rich datuks. Look....I'm not trying to be a racist here, but it seems that the AP system is build to feed the already wealthy MALAYs and not to help young Malays do business.

I say, get rid of these cronies, Free the AP to whoever that can afford to pay RM60k to the GUV,

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